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Are you a wannabe game developer? Here’s your golden ticket (if you’re good)


Attention all game developers: there is a reason to perk up and put down your joysticks.

Well, something like that.

Brisbane’s newest games accelerator, Right Pedal Studios is pleased to announce that successful applicant teams will gain access to a stash of funding that would make any would-be, game-maker as happy as Mario Mario on mushroom smashing spree.  (Insert Mario Bros sound effects here. You know it will stick in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!)

The project’s epic origin story starts with River City Labs’ founder Stephen Baxter, as well as veteran games guru John Passfield to the projects.

Right Pedal Studios will fun small teams of developers to make games for iOS or Android in exchange for a fraction of the equity in each game.

Next level please

Successful teams in the accelerator will gain access to gaming industry mentors who will share with them valuable knowledge and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 cheats.

“Australia is home to some of the greatest mobile game developers in the world and we’re excited to help up and coming developers reach their potential.” said Steve Baxter.

Right Pedal has partnered with a number of industry players including Griffith University and Pitcher Partners, each providing access to goods and services for each of the development team involved in the program.

“We want to team up with smart developers working on great games. Our goal is to help them where we can and allow them to focus on making the best game possible.” says  Passfield.

Who’s eligible?

Applications are open to residents of Australia and the first teams will enter production in February/March 2013.

Interested parties can apply to the games accelerator program via the Right Pedal Studios website where they will find more information about the program and mentors.

Okay, now you can resume your regularly scheduled gaming veggification. Or, don’t. Get out there and have a go!