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Apple Watch ads: exactly what you’d expect [VIDEO]


These are the three ads for Apple Watch.

And, yes, they are exactly what you’d expect from Apple.

They are smart, well-shot and with music that works to create an emotional response to the product.

But, the other thing that has to be noted, is what Apple does well. It focuses on life and how people will use (are already using, for those who managed to get one in the initial release) this latest bit of Apple tech.

Each ad focuses on people. Never on the technology itself. This way of advertising new products where Apple is different from most other technology companies.

Most technology companies focus on the device itself. Apple always focuses on the change the technology has made on what we do, how we live and interact.


Because that is also how Apple designs products. Apple does not design products based around technology and what’s possible, rather, it creates products that change behaviours.

This is truly putting the customer at the heart of design. Apple is designing an experience, not a product.

Apple Watch – Rise

Apple Watch – Up

Apple Watch – You