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Anthill launches Melbourne incubator


Want to be a founding tenant in Anthill’s Melbourne incubator?

  • Does your startup or upstart need professional digs?
  • Do you want to work alongside equally passionate business builders?
  • Do you want access to mentors, investors and the ear of Anthill?

This is not a serviced office arrangement. Yet, you’ll gain your own desk with internet, and access to printers, fax, gym, pool and meeting-room facilities.

This is not a lengthy sub-leasing arrangement. Yet, you’ll get the permanence of secure office-space, a place to set up shop and call your own, with no fixed contract.

This is not a traditional incubator model. (We won’t automatically take equity from your business, unless we earn it). Yet, you’ll enjoy regular mentoring sessions, an environment of collegial support and an open door to the people behind Anthill Magazine.

The Anthill Incubator, based in Richmond, Victoria, is now seeking expressions of interest from prospective tenants. Read on to find out more.

What do tenants of the incubator get?

In addition to mentoring support and culture of entrepreneurial awesomeness, incubator tenants enjoy access to the following amenities:

Your own personal desk space, with powerful broadband internet.
Yes, in addition to your own incubator space to launch your empire (and pin up photos of your pet cat), you will score your own blue-chord, directly connected to our internet machine, sometimes known as a server.

Fax and printing facilities. Telephone and handset optional.
Your blue-chord and our internet machine (server) is attached to a communal printer, fax and copier. If you would like your own telephone line and phone number, we can hook you up that way too! (But your own phone line attracts a small fee.)

Professional meeting rooms with presentation and conferencing capabilities
So, you want to impress a client? Our meeting room is the bomb! (In a good way.) Simply book time with Miriam, our incubator’s helpful office overlord, and she will make sure that you leave your next customer face-to-face grinning from ear-to-ear.

Access to cinema room, gym facilities and 25-metre swimming pool!
That’s right, healthy entrepreneurs run healthy ventures. Start the day with some laps. Finish with a client meeting in the cinema room. Can you imagine pitching for your next round of capital in a mini-cinema?

Plus, mentoring and social benefits!

Like any good incubator, tenants will be exposed to networking and mentoring opportunities. At Anthill, we take Beer O’Clock very seriously. That’s right, one in every four Fridays, incubator tenants will be treated to the wisdom and insights of a guest speaker or fellow tenant, followed by casual networking. Business can and should be fun, right!

How much will this cost?

A slot in the Anthill incubator will cost tenants $100 plus GST per week, per person.

We think this is amazing value. Think about it. You probably spend more on petrol and cafe lattes juggling all those damn coffee meetings!

No long-term tenancy contracts
Stay a month. Stay a year.
Scale up. Scale down.

    Best of all…

    You’ll be working alongside equally passionate and entrepreneurial business builders, in a collegial environment.

      Here are some pics. Cool, eh?