REGISTERAre you embracing the world’s largest marketplace? Or are you letting the future slip by? Is your website under-achieving or over-delivering? Do you even have a website?

The future of commerce will be dominated by those who understand online marketing. This is because all facets of business — from retail to consulting — can now be polished, promoted and even managed online.

The Anthill Online Marketing Masterclass is a full-day, intensive workshop for Business Owners, Marketing Professionals and Web-Developers.

Want to know the FOUR principles of Anthill’s success?

You might be a consultant — selling knowledge and expertise. You might be a retail business — selling with or without a physial store. You might have something more complex — a membership or advertiser funded community.

Now, imagine a web-business that provides clarity — clear outcomes — and costs less than it makes. This should be your goal, irrespective of your business model or industry.

That’s the focus and goal of all our own online ventures — including Anthill and Antmart — and it’s the focus and topic of Anthill’s upcoming online marketing masterclass.

Proven lessons. Real results.

Nielsen What are you doing to master online marketing?Why is Anthill holding this course? What makes Anthill so qualified?

For six years, Anthill was best known as a print magazine. In fact, by early 2008, Anthill was nationally recognised as an award winning market leader. Anthill pioneered its own market segment.

However, in late 2008, we saw the writing on the wall. As no strangers to disruptive innovation (we’d been writing about it for five years), we decided to practice what we preach and turned the Anthill business model on its head.

In eight months, from February to September 2009, we transformed a print business into one of Australia’s TOP 50 BUSINESS & FINANCE websites, according to Nielsen Online Ratings, beating much larger and better funded news organisations.

Anthill is not only a market leader in Australia, according to Alexa, it is also ranked among the Top 100,000 websites… in the world!

And how much did this transformation cost?

A paltry $900. That’s right. Not nine thousand dollars. We’re talking about nine hundred dollars. This once embarrassing company secret is a fact that we’re now proud to share.

At this full-day Masterclass, attendees will learn from Anthill founder James Tuckerman, as he teaches how to apply the four rules that allowed Anthill to radically transform and grow its own business. Attendees will gain real and practical advice that they will be able to apply to their own businesses, right there, on the day.

So what are the FOUR principles?

What you will learn at this Masterclass…

We have found that four themes guide all forms of successful online marketing — from web development and search engine optimisation to Facebook and Twitter. At this event you will learn the foundations, discover the rules and apply the tactics.

The ‘commercial’ function

Brand versus ROI – Measurement tools and metrics
Explore your reasons for online marketing – beyond brand considerations. Learn goal setting concepts and acquire the tools to develop measurable and trackable campaigns.

MEASURABLE: At Anthill, we don’t do anything we can’t measure. This allows us to constantly improve on everything we do, against our commercial goals. Find out how to get the right foundations in place.

An introduction to SEO

Getting found — SEO made simple for the time-poor
Learn how Google thinks and acquire the steps to making SEO part of your ongoing online marketring strategy. Discover why you don’t need a technical degree to master SEO.

FINDABLE: We don’t employ SEO experts. We simply build SEO practices into everything we do. That way, we have mastered SEO for the time-poor. We Don’t follow all 20-gazillion steps that experts recommend. We just focus on those that will make a measurable difference.

Social Media for Business

Why use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other applications
Gain an understanding of the social networking tools available to grow a business – from Twitter to LinkedIn – and how to commercially exploit these tools for genuine commercial reasons.

SHARABLE: Anthill now has four Twitter accounts, a vibrant LinkedIn Group and a not-so-vibrant Facebook Page. Would we recommend this to everyone? Most definitely not! Social Media should always be focused on achieving commercial outcomes. We’ll show you how.

Making it happen! Making it last!

Bringing these techniques into your business
The best intentions will remain just that without systems and processes. Learn how to apply the rules presented in this event to your business in ways that will last.

MANAGEABLE: Discovering what you need to do is the easy part. Applying this advice is another other thing altogether. We’re all busy and online marketing can easily monopolise almost anyone’s daily routine. That’s why we created processes to automate our online activities. These are simple steps that any business can adopt.


Normally $895. Avoid our rising rate. SAVE TODAY!

When you think about it, $895 is already a pretty amazing price.

We guarantee that you will learn how to save more or make more $895 by simply attending.

However, to reward the early-birds, we’ve devised an even better offer.


Is this good value for money?

Many online conferences and workshops cost thousands of dollars to attend.

And, in most cases, you’ll spend the day watching a streaming parade of consultants pitching their services. This event is limited to 20 people, starting at 9am and ending at 4pm (drinks to follow). And James won’t pitch to you. (We promise!)

Each topic is divided into a lecture and a workshop, so that attendees can learn and then apply the lessons.

And remember….

  • This Masterclass is NOT for spectators
  • It’s about making a difference to YOUR business.
  • It is a PRACTICAL hands-on course.
  • It is about getting RESULTS.

At this Masterclass, you will be provided with valuable information, in a structured format.

You will be given personalised guidance. This event is for people with a desire to roll up their sleeves and radically improve their online marketing outcomes.


You will learn how to do more for less and spend less to get more.


When and where?


When: 30 September 2011
Where: Sydney CBD
Limited to 20 people


When: 7 October 2011
Where: Richmond, Victoria
Limited to 20 people

This workshop is normally made available to Anthill readers for $895 per ticket. Buy through Antmart and save! By improving your website, could you make more than the ticket price! Heck yeah!


Still not sure?

Here’s what others have said about the Masterclass:

“Anytime I attend a workshop / seminar (paid or otherwise) I mentally do a quick evaluation after the event on four metrics:

  1. Did the event match the sales pitch (on topic, no bait & switch etc)?
  2. Did I learn something new & useful ?
  3. Did I enjoy myself ?
  4. Value for money – acceptable ROI !

Today’s MasterClass scored a “Yes” on all counts.”

John Power, BizTools

“For me it was certainly a day well-invested. Just following up on all my notes will keep me gainfully occupied for days.”

Ayudh Nagara, AngelAuctions

“It was definitely well worth the cost, with measures implemented since Friday saving us approx $4K… I enjoyed the Masterclass lessons, examples and discussions immensely, with the added benefit of meeting you and the other fascinating attendees for drinks afterward. I found the way you presented the material to be engaging and logical, and it all made sense, with quite a few ‘ah-ha!’ moments!”

Tracie Thompson, LINUS Information Security Solutions

“Your day rocked and I hope your next one is as boisterous as ours.”

Kel Langeliers

“Thank heaps for all your insights and knowledge; it was a really great day and I for one got heaps out of it… I look forward to receiving more of your insights via the land of twitter!”

Sarah McCully

So, ask yourself, is your website important to your business? Are you properly exploiting social media? Do you understand search engine optimisation? Are you wasting money on ineffective marketing? If you’re NOT getting adequate results from online marketing, don’t worry. That’s what this Masterclass is all about.