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Angel investors SNAP up video surveillance technology


Adelaide based SA Angels have completed a six-figure investment in local technology company Snap Network Surveillance.

Working closely with Innovate SA, SA Angels coordinated the due diligence and presentation of Snap to its members, ultimately resulting in the funds being raised and providing Snap with vital cash flow to commercialise.

Snap is a technology start-up which was spun out of the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies.

The inventor of the technology, Dr Anton Van den Hengel, was the 2010 South Australian Pearcey Award winner and remains on the board of Snap.

Dr Henry Detmold, Snap Chief Technology Officer, was one of the lead developers on the project while it was within the University of Adelaide and will continue to work closely with the team as they move the company towards commercialisation.

This innovative product helps to manage large CCTV networks incorporating hundreds to thousands of cameras, by helping camera operators track a target from camera to camera as they move through the network.

The software works by understanding how each camera is supported by adjacent cameras and facilitates automated tracking and evidence collation.

This was the third significant investment for SA Angels, with a similar sized investment in Windesal, an Adelaide based renewable-energy powered desalination company, being completed in 2010.

Chairman of SA Angels, Michael Dilettoso said, “This was a great opportunity for Adelaide investors to support local entrepreneurs developing world class technology. South Australia has tremendous potential for innovative technology. By assisting inventors with funding and business experience, Angel Investors help build a bridge to success.”

Image by jonathan mcintosh.