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Agrotonomy Tower Farms’ response to Corona virus with vertical farming!


When COVID-19 led to the first wave of quarantines in March 2020,  Agrotonomy Tower Farms, started to donate up to 95% of their vegetables and food production to low-income individuals.

Donating nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables was, and still is, Agrotonomy’s response to the economic disarray resulting from the corona virus situation.

How has this initiative been sustained?

The donation program has been privately funded by Agrotonomy and its officers. However, Agrotonomy is not a non-profit organization, and going forward in 2021, it will reduce slightly the donation program to 75% versus 95% of the entire production.

The initiative has been publicized through Facebook and other social media platforms. The effort has inspired many other farmers and gardeners worldwide to share certain percentages of their harvests with disadvantaged neighbors.

Agrotonomy has set up aeroponic vertical farms and are working with Tower Farms in Africa and Southeast Asia to launch similar fresh food donation programs as well.

Most food banks. due to logistical issues, a lot of the food collected and donated is either canned or processed therefore they contribute to the solution by donating pesticide-free and highly nutritious fresh crops to those in need.

Aeroponic towers.

Aeroponic towers facilitate saving 95% more water, compared to conventional farming.

The food donation program aside, Agrotonomy is behind Towers Without Borders Inc., a US non-profit organization (501-C3 registered in Arizona) committed to setting up aeroponic vertical farms for orphanages around the world.

From seeds to seedlings to harvests, children are encouraged to get involved with growing plants. Teaching children the value of food security is one of the best gifts that we can give to the next generation of adults.

With the support of Agrotonomy’s team, Towers Without Borders is setting up 3 vertical farms for orphanages in Mexico, Colombia, and Kenya. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, implementation has been significantly delayed.

Agrotonomy is committed to developing fully automated aeroponic tower farms worldwide for commercial use though their passion truly lies in charitable endeavors.

Ron Finley (the ‘gangsta gardener’) says “Growing food is like printing your own money.”

This bears stronger meaning when going through a pandemic. 2021 is a challenging year but you can count on Agrotonomy Tower Farms to donate up to 75% of their produce.