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321 Water wins Silver award at the Spark: Pro Awards


321 Water has just won a silver award at the Spark: Pro Awards. The innovative product created by the Australian company Half a Teaspoon is a re-usable and portable water bottle that filters tap water making it clean and fresh.

Among the latest Spark: Pro Winners is an Australian product which was distinguished with a Silver award. You might recognise the name, as earlier this year the innovation also scored top spot in Anthill’s Smart 100.

Created to promote the use of tap water, 321 Water is an Half a Teaspoon product. It turns tap water into clean, fresh and tasty water through the use of a filter which uses activated carbon to capture chemicals, including chlorine and other tastes and odours.

The Spark awards, every year, recognise innovative concepts. Among the requirements to win a Spark award, a design must contribute for the improvement of the quality of the environment and to the preservation of the Earth’s resources, both of which 321 Water fulfils by providing an healthy alternative to the bottled water industry.

“This award is one of many accolades 321 Water has received since the product’s inception of which I am very proud,” stated Gretha Oost, 321 Water creator and Half a Teaspoon Director.

“Gaining international recognition is a fantastic opportunity to grow the profile of 321 Water and help reduce the amount of bottled water bought all over the world every day.”

According to some studies, 17 million barrels of oil are used every year in the production of water bottles with each bottle taking three times its amount of water to be produced. Bottled water also contributes with three billion pounds of waste every year.

The bottled water industry in Australia is estimated to worth $400 million a year. Worldwide the number amounts to $60 billion.

What’s next for 321 Water

Half a Teaspoon is now working to make 321 Water part of the TED gift bag.

With is motto “Ideas Worth Spreading”, TED is a non-profit organisation which is all about spreading new ideas. In order to do so, TED runs several programs, including a video website and two annual conferences featuring several talks by world renowned thinkers.

With its upcoming conference to be held in Long Beach, California in February 2012, Half a Teaspoon expects to reach a new audience for the 321 Water.

In order to do this, Half a Teaspoon has turned to crowdfunding to raise the funds it needs to manufacture 2500 units of 321 Water. The company will allow each donor to brand 50 bottles and leave a message in them where they can tell about their company and project. These bottles will feature in the TED Long Beach gift bag.

Half a Teaspoon is an Australian start-up dedicated to create products that affect positively the environment and inspire people to conserve Earth’s natural resources.

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