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‘Bean-talk’ — a golden egg for small business


Running a small business inevitably means becoming a jack of all trades, including ‘doing the books’.

This, in turn, requires one to learn tricky accounting packages, spreadsheets and accounting jargon. The result is waving goodbye to your evenings, weekends and regular sleep.

On the plus-side, there are a number of resources out there to help. What’s even better for SMEs is when the resource is free. Enter Bean-Talk, a 100 percent free resource for small business owners and staff to help with starting, growing or exiting a business.

Bean-Talk covers:

  • Starting, growing and exiting your business
    The cold hard truth about cashflow.
  • Tips & tools for accelerating cashflow and boosting profits.
  • Ask the experts – business owners can send in their questions to be answered in the Bean-Talk newsletter.

Coming to Bean-Talk this year

  • Introductory videos on the main business building concepts of financial management.
  • Free memberships for business owners, allowing them to download free tools (developed by CAD Partners) to run their business more efficiently and profitably.
  • On-Demand Podcasts discussing ways to improve cashflow and decrease the costs of running a business.

It might not qualify as our website-of-the-week but it’s definitely one worth checking out when short an answer.

Photo: Torley