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This is why communication is so important when developing your technology ideas


It is interesting how in the age of technology, and with the support of the technology, communication problems have increased, rather than reducing as you would expect. You may or may not be surprised, but this is also the case for the software development industry.

Whether you are a client approaching an app development company, or you are an app development company who needs to communicate internally, problems can arise if you don’t get your message to the right people at the right time.

Communication is the most time-consuming aspect of most projects and can cause problems that jeopardise the success of potentially great projects. A recent report identified that only 29% of IT project implementations are successful, and 19 per cent fail completely.

Another report says that “large IT projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over time, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted,“ Yikes! And then, just last week, AppSter (established in 2011 in Australia ) filed for bankruptcy, even though it was thought to be the most successful app development company in the world.

So what are the problems that can arise?

If you a client, you face communication challenges when you approach an app development company and someone from the company is trying to understand what you, as the client, really want. Dealing with an off-shore development company can be even more challenging.

Most clients would prefer to:

  • Get the right price – make sure the quote they agency provides does not exceed market standards
  • Receive a fixed price – a realistic quote for getting their idea developed
  • Stay within budget – no one wants ‘quote creep.’
  • Make the most of the time – focus on value-adding processes
  • Work with an efficient team – one that communicates, and project manages your idea
  • Work with someone experienced – get a level of quality and speed that reflects the expertise of the developer
  • Have certainty in the delivery and output quality – so that you can control your timelines and commitments

There is also a communication challenge within tech development teams. Most teams consist of various roles, and therefore they speak in different languages. If people sit in the same office and have done many projects together it can help, but the truth is that there is always going to be staff turnover. People leave for various reasons and new people have to take their positions. Thus, the adaptation within the team starts over again. You can see how this is a never-ending process.

What should you be aiming for?

In terms of communication, the development company wants to:

  • Understand the client’s scope – so that the costs are understood and to mitigate the risk of fluctuation
  • Offer fixed pricing – so that clients can feel confident they will remain within their budgets
  • Save the client time – by reducing administrative tasks while still maintaining profit margins
  • Deliver quality – whilst balancing the scope, time and cost
  • Drive repeat business and referrals – from satisfied clients so that they can grow their business
  • Earn a reputation – to be known for the quality and speed of their work

That is why it is essential to prepare. When you decide to book a holiday or purchase TV, for example, you go to a computer and search on the internet for related reviews and information and then you compare the prices, models and features before you purchase.

So, most people already possess the skills to perform proper research. Yes, the technology area is more complicated – especially if clients are new to the language commonly used within the tech development space – but it’s possible to learn quickly, plus you are most likely familiar with the many apps that are already available on your mobile device to use as examples.

Make sure you get your communication right and your project should run smoothly.

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Marat Basyrov is a technology entrepreneur with 12+ years of technical and professional experience in business and enhancing business systems through innovative technical solutions. He has previously launched two successful tech companies (EdwayApps and Intelligent Profit Solutions) and is ready to recommend the best technical solutions to reach the global market or improve business operations. Marat also has a background in finances and holds a CPA accreditation. Today he runs project ADEVI which is AI solution that revolutionise how app development industry offers development. It allows even non-technical people to bring their ideas to a high-fidelity interactive prototype under an hour with the source code that allows a developer to take this further. Marat is passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence in everyday life. He founded Edway Apps in 2011 and since then designed and developed solutions for the enterprise and SME clients in various industries. Through that obsession ADEVI, an automated app development platform that advances human capability was born.

Marat Basyrov