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Wacky Websites: Wonder what you'd look like thinner? Just upload your photo.


The weight loss market is enormous – all those spam emails, tabloid mags and late-night infomercials can’t be wrong, right? In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that entrepreneurs and marketers have run out of ways to make money from our flab neuroses. But, of course, they haven’t.

ThinnerView.com doesn’t promise to deliver you six-pack abs while you munch crisps on the couch watching trashy telly. It doesn’t even promise to get you off the couch and into a gym. It invites you to upload a photo of your current self, then digital artists shave off the amount of kilos you wish to shed (2-50kgs) and you are sent the altered image – the thinner view of you – to pin on the wall and remind you of how much better you could look (fatty).

Depending on your view of yourself and the world, that ThinnerView photo is a positive motivational tool or a nagging guilt trip that will likely feed anxiety and depression as this avatar of the perfect you recedes ever further from reality.

Either way, everyone’s favourite subject is themselves, and this service is sure to pique interest. After all, you clicked on this story, didn’t you?

Alas, there is no free demo. For a glimpse at a thinner you, you’ll need to go into your pocket. But, as the homepage says, “So remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get motivated!”


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