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Upwire launches world-first ‘drag and drop’ tech as it expands to the United States

CEO and Co-founder of Communications workflow platform Upwire, Ben Brophy.

Communication workflow builder Upwire recently announced its proprietary platform will now be available to Australian business customers to coincide with the launch of its US office.

Australian-based Upwire, which enables businesses to build smarter systems to communicate with customers, has officially launched its drag-and-drop platform, allowing businesses to build sophisticated communication frameworks without coding abilities. This is especially useful for businesses with limited or no internal IT resources.

The launch comes following a successful pilot phase with a selection of local and international enterprise clients and channel partners. In this time Upwire has seen an 250 per cent YoY increase in text messaging, 300 per cent YoY growth in voice minute traffic, and 500 per cent YoY increase in business transactional emails via its platform.

Upwire delivers communications into over 165 countries from customers around the globe across industries including finance, education, government, market research, travel, technology and utility service providers. The company has also announced it has signed a number of strategic clients, including Computershare, QBE and FlexiGroup.

Upwire allows FlexiGroup to support customer re-engagement on abandoned finance applications through automated outbound calls, SMS and email, while Computershare uses automated SMS and email provide customer correspondence on global share trades. San Francisco-based startup Cosaint Technologies was able to use Upwire to build an IVR with to take product enquiries  in just minutes.

Upwire co-founder Ben Brophy, said the response to the platform has exceeded expectations  and validated a global market need for a simple way to build intelligent communications. “The way businesses and consumers engage in a digital era has fundamentally changed. We’re seeing a shift towards technology based ways to seek information. Simultaneously, businesses are increasingly looking at ways to minimise operating costs, reduce their dependency on specialist IT skills, and improve customer service,” he said.

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What is the story behind Upwire?

Upwire was founded by Ben Brophy and Shane Berkinshaw after experiencing the complex, time consuming and expensive process of developing and integrating business communications. The platform was created to provide businesses of all sizes with the ability to better engage with their audiences via tech, without the need for specialist coding skills.

“We built Upwire to address these needs after years of building enterprise communication systems through our previous company Zync. Legacy systems and frustrating customer service models have left consumers disenfranchised and have driven brand trust levels to all time lows. Customers don’t want to stay on hold for hours on end, nor do they want to speak to outdated machines on their lunch break.

“It’s no secret that optimising engagement with consumers leads to significant improvements to the bottom line. However, unless you have access to a skilled developer or a multimillion dollar IT budget, upgrading communications is unrealistic for a lot of businesses.

“We saw an opportunity to create a cost-effective, simple way to access cutting-edge tech like artificial intelligence-driven bots and voice biometrics, combined with familiar tech like SMS and email, without having to know a single line of code. It’s a game changer for our clients, both in Australia and internationally,” said Brophy.

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Upwire will also launch its US office in the coming weeks, to better cater to existing US customers and channel partners, and capitalise on significant customer demand in the region. Based in San Francisco, the office will launch with eight highly experienced staff across account management, tech support and a local general manager to lead the team.

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