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A new online store is here to help Aussie parents educate their kids through play


Parents have been the driving force behind the launch of new toy retailer, Child.com.au. The education superstore features over 3,000 toys and resources which have been selected by the site’s specialist team of former teachers and educators with a clear brief in mind.

Educating children through play is the philosophy of child.com.au, with a comprehensive range of toys and resources to support and enhance learning and development at home.

“We know that education goes beyond the classroom and we understand the challenge of finding high quality affordable products that support children’s learning development at home,” said Sarah Deere-Jones, of Modern Star, the company behind Child.com.au.

What does Child.com.au have to offer?

Child.com.au is among the first online sites in Australia to retail educational resources and was developed following the increasing number of parents who began visiting the company’s business website for schools and early childhood services.

“We noticed that a large share of the new visitors to our educational resources website were in fact parents seeking educational toys,” said Sarah Deere-Jones.

“Child.com.au now gives parents access to the same educational products and resources used in schools across Australia – from literacy and maths to science, music and art and craft. It also provides parents with a valuable hub of user friendly information, support and tools.”

Among the features of the new site are free learning activities to download – including handwriting practice and colouring in sheets – reading tips, developmental milestones and regular blogs.

Designed by the experts

Based on the Early Learning Framework for Australia, the developmental milestones have been tailored by Dr Luke Touhill BEd – Early Childhood and PhD, a professor at the Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University.

The milestones have been designed to assist parents in reviewing their child’s development and obtain support in nurturing growth in the five areas of cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical.

The site’s regular bloggers are Sonja Walker, a qualified teacher and founder of Kids First Children’s Services, and Tori Haschka, a writer and stay at home mum. Their fortnightly blogs range from product reviews and educational themes, to parenting advice and shared experiences.

Child.com.au has been developed by Modern Star, leaders in education resources, education fundraising and educational toys. The company is immersed in the world of teaching, abreast of curriculum changes and has been providing educational resources to schools since 1957 through its heritage company, Modern Teaching Aids.