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The NDA. The non disclosure agreement. Awkward? Pointless? Essential? [VIDEO]


I’m going to be a tiny bit controversial. I hate NDAs. Generally, I refuse to sign them.


I know the business plans of many startups, I know about some big ideas being thrown around in the corporate world. But, I’ve not signed anything.

I guess, it could be said, I know how to keep a secret. Maybe, that’s why I don’t often get asked to sign NDAs anymore.

Plus, trust me, I have more than enough of my own ideas compelling me to get out of bed every day, I really don’t have time to steal yours and implement it.

I do, however, have time to listen to your idea. If I can help get it off the ground or introduce you to people who can, bring it! But there’s got to be some trust.

During dotcom boom 1.0, I had a lawyer who told me: “Just sign anything. I can always get you out of it, if it comes to that.”

Which I interpreted as NDAs are useless.

Since then, probably much to his horror, I have not signed an NDA. I’ve signed other legal documents to kick off engagements but never an NDA (or NCA).

It turns out that perhaps mocking NDAs isn’t such an uncommon thing.

My favourite parody startup has stepped up to the plate. And, it’s also one of their comedy sketches, done to promote one of their sponsors, Name.com.

Vooza – The NDA