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Research reveals link between social video viewing and consumer purchasing decisions

Australian consumers watch an average of 51 minutes of social video a day – that’s over 6 hours a week

10 things you need to keep in mind when targeting the Chinese online customer

It is clear from these growth figures that there is a huge untapped market for Australian companies to sell goods and services to Chinese consumers through online channels. However, this market can be notoriously difficult to do business in.

Hell-bent on disrupting the publishing industry, Tablo has now launched a social network for...

Publishing start-up Tablo recently announced the launch of new social features for its cloud-based e-book publishing service, marking the biggest shift in the platform since its...

Why small business owners will be hit hard when Facebook organic reach becomes history

Lately, I have been experimenting with social media networks for my own marketing purposes. Very quickly, I have had to zoom in on one particular...

Freelancer survey reveals technology winners and losers for 2010 (PHP biggest winner; Microsoft biggest...

Online outsourcing marketplace (and Anthill Cool Company Award winner) Freelancer.com has released the results of its 2010 Freelancer Fast 50 index, an analysis of 320,000 online job postings, revealing the most (and least) popular technologies desired for freelance jobs in 2010, providing a barometer of technology trends.

Stepwise Mobile for Cloud ID (SMART 100)

Looking at the emerging market for cloud-based personal health records, as the sharpest end of smart phone applications where the tensions between authenticity and privacy are so acute, I had an epiphany that Lockstep’s intellectual property for encrypting virtual identifiers could be embedded in each mobile device app. The idea is to bake into each app a unique local handle for the user, indelibly marking all data originated from that app, authenticating the user without necessarily identifying them, and stopping data streams to be linked across apps without the user’s consent.

Website of the Week: The Loop helps creative people sell themselves

Creative industries have changed dramatically over the past decade, but unfortunately the options for creative professionals to showcase their talent to peers and prospective employers hasn’t. Until now.

Futurist Ross Dawson predicts the social technologies that will dominate in 2016

This week Ross Dawson released a list of extraordinary technologies he thinks will be commonplace seven years from now, in 2016.

Clint Salter, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner

These days virtually all industries and sub-industries are ripe for reinvention online. Take the ultra-physical world of dance, which 2009 30under30 winner Clint Salter is doing his best to jazz up online with his specialist directory and social network, DanceLife.

Us Now – Oh the times, they are a changin

Us Now is a fascinating documentary film examining the astonishing pace of change that society is currently undergoing, led by the growth of the internet, technology and the new tribalism they are enabling.

Is Twitter the start of Web 3.0?

The people at the pointy end of the internet pecking order are already talking about and planning the Semantic Web - or Web 3.0 - which is meant to help us make sense of all of this data. So what is Web 3.0 and what does it have to do with Twitter? To explain, let's start back a few years...

How social networks are transforming TV

Social networks are fundamentally reshaping the newspaper and TV industries worldwide. In an earlier article, "What the newspaper industry needs to do to survive", I explained the changing dynamics of the newspaper industry. In this article I look at where TV is headed.

Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Mashable recently posted a terrific summary of the Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs. Some of these you will have heard of - perhaps you even use one or two regularly (LinkedIn is the obvious example). But it's worth exploring all ten, if only to peruse the voluminous amount of business tips and links to further useful resources and people.

Website of the Week: Conspicuous wealth never goes out of fashion

Listening to everyone bang on about cost-cutting, home foreclosures and delayed retirements must be mighty wearying for the über rich. Fortunately, those who have more money than they know what to do with can leave the bear-with-a-toothache investment market alone for a while and indulge in several innovative new spending options.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...