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There is a large appetite for small business but what type of business are...

New data from SEEK Commercial shows that appetite for small businesses is rising with ‘coffee’ as the #1 keyword, Coffee, Cafes & Restaurants top category

Stress levels escalate for Australian small business owners, a quarter feel burnt out

New research shows almost half (45 per cent) of Aussie small business claim their stress levels have increased in the past year and a quarter feel burnt out

2 ways small business owners can afford beacon marketing

Beacon marketing has been on my mind lately. And as I was researching the subject, one of the questions I came to ask myself...

Learn to start a small business [PODCAST]

PreneurCast is a marketing + business podcast. Each week, author and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher discuss entrepreneurship, business, internet...

Why small business owners will be hit hard when Facebook organic reach becomes history

Lately, I have been experimenting with social media networks for my own marketing purposes. Very quickly, I have had to zoom in on one particular...

The ratings game for customers is all about the ‘senses’!

You might never guess why vets would get the highest consumer satisfaction ratings, or why advertising and marketing would get the worst rap. Or...

The five ways to getting your creativity flowing and staying ahead of the pack

Brand comes as fast as they go. Or, so it seems. Customers have a myriad of choices and, the brand they choose one day,...

Here’s the big call from small business. Cut taxes and make compliance simpler

For years, small businesses’ call for tax reform has gone unheeded. Now, days ahead of the election, their voice has grown just a bit louder.

Federal election and NBN conundrum. Can we really expect much?

The rollout will continue, since the government has paid Telstra $11 billion to get access to its network. So we will get an NBN in one form or another. The only question is the technology and the time frame.

Tax deductions for small business. How to get new equipment and let the government...

Have you been meaning to replace that lump of junk you call a laptop? Need a more comfy office chair? How about a new...

Customer service tips from a plumber? Yes, really

When you go to the hairdresser, you expect a cup of coffee and a recent edition of New Idea. When you take your five-year-old to the doctor, the child expects a lollipop. But when you call a plumber to fix a leak, you expect, well, little. But it doesn't have to be that way!

New report shows that small biz brings the rock!

We all know that small business is important to the overall economy of Australia, and a new figures show that the sector has seen remarkable growth in the two years since the height of the global financial crisis. According to the Minister for Small Business Brendan O’Connor, as well as the recent Australian Small Business: Key Statistics and Analysis report, 260,000 new small biz jobs have been generated over the past couple of years, nationwide.

Do you know your competitors as well as you know yourself?

How well do you really know your competitors? No doubt, you are probably aware of your main business rivals but do you have some level of intelligence at your fingertips? How much do you know about what they do, what your customers think about them and how your business matches up? Understanding your competition can give you a new perspective on your own business and is an important step when planning your marketing strategy.

Do you need big buying power for your small business? (Here’s how, now!)

A small-to-medium sized business can rapidly spend a fortune on supplies like stationary, pens, toner and ink cartridges, staples, shipping boxes, and fuel for its fleet. Now, there’s a new buying group poised to help any of Australia’s more-than two million SMEs source supplies. Founded late last year, SME Savings has already enlisted over 400 members and aims to offer big business buying power to your small or medium sized enterprise.

How to recruit staff for your small business

With limited time and resources, recruiting staff in a small business is challenging. While recruitment agencies offer comprehensive end-to-end management of the process, for small businesses price can often be an issue.

Near-record SME dissatisfaction with government, according to MYOB report

If the latest MYOB Business Monitor is anything to go by, the Federal Government shouldn’t be basking in the warm glow of a job well done post-Federal Budget. Before state governments go getting their smug on, the MYOB report showed SMEs perceived their performance in an equally dismal light.

Amex survey reveals small business to be healthy and quickly adaptive to slowdown

Small is indeed beautiful when it comes to business structures. Economists who have for long trumpeted the virtues of being small should be able to pat themselves in the back one more time as small enterprises show great resilience, not to mention optimism, despite fears of a global economic crisis. A survey by American Express reveals that a majority of the nation’s small businesses are quickly adapting to the adverse economic conditions and a third expect to increase profits despite from a slowing, and fragile, global economy.

WANTED: The voice of women in business

The Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) has launched the Women in Business Poll to gather the views of Australian business women. According to AWCCI CEO Yolanda Vega, the 700,000-odd lady-folk small business owners are long overdue some attention.

Opportunity Capture: is it just for the big boys?

Imagine your company sold just one sole product and yet managed to be successfulin a competitive market. It's a true story! How can you pull ahead and dominate your competitors? For starters, look at opportunity capture: accept that there is no product, process or service in the world that cannot in some way be innovated.

Running a small business? Here’s the greatest lesson you’ll ever learn.

One of the pitfalls of being a small business owner is the strange belief that you've got to do everything, from scrubbing the floor...
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