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A lesson from the 2016 Rio Olympics: The mindset of winners is failure and...

What entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs need to remember is that while the risk is high, so too can be the rewards. Like an athlete, it is important to aim high, get into a winning mindset and treat failure as a learning experience.

If you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived [VIDEO]

Are you having a tough week? Things not going quite to plan? Relax. And, remember that if you haven't failed, you haven't tried. This short little video...

Growing up global: Meet Owen Kerr, CEO of Pepperstone [VIDEO]

I recently chatted to Owen Kerr, who is CEO of Australian forex broker Pepperstone. Pepperstone is a hot business in a fast growing space....

I am flummoxed by Ikea’s decision to force the closure of IkeaHackers

Are you? To fill you in, IkeaHackers is a site that showcases how people have taken standard Ikea products, and hacked them into something else. And,...

Four things entrepreneurs are really sick of hearing

Entrepreneurship is hard. We all know it and absolutely respect that fact. Entrepreneurs completely devote themselves to their start-up and face different challenges along...

Yes, Big Data is good news for your business, but don’t let its hidden...

The techies over at IT research and advisory firm Gartner Inc have defined Big Data as “high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets”. Some industry observers...

The truth about entrepreneurs. They’re swashbuckling risk takers … or, are they? [VIDEO]

Here's a new word to add to your repertoire: effectuation. Effectuation is a set of decision-making principles entrepreneurs use in situations of uncertainty. It is...

What to look for when selecting a security provider

The volume of security companies in the market place competing for your business is almost over-whelming. Add to this the fact that all of them promise to deliver the ‘best service ever’ at the most competitive rates and by the most experienced people in the industry and you’re left playing a game of eenie meenie miney mo.

Is social media bringing out the worst in your company? Here are 4 tips...

Since the introduction of email to the workplace, the line between the personal and professional has become increasingly blurred. As social media becomes increasingly prolific in our day-to-day lives and its search engines more powerful, the potential of a private comment being unearthed and evolving into a serious organisational or even legal issue becomes a norm. What do organisations need to consider when trying to mitigate these risks?

Need help from a bank? Here’s how to get Bank Ready

Even in these tight economic times, the task of getting financial support from a bank can be greatly eased if a business owner learns how to speak a bank’s language and use similar risk-management tools and techniques.

Inshore, offshore… which shore? Have you heard of in-sourcing and near-shoring?

Over the past fifteen years, outsourcing has been an increasingly common practice allowing businesses to reduce costs and therefore pour resources into growth. However, with the upheaval of the last eighteen months, business as usual has seen its foundations shaken and reshaped. Is outsourcing still the best option, or should businesses be trying to claim more of the value chain for themselves? Should they still be offshoring, or will nearshoring bring greater profits in the future?

How much is your business worth: Future earnings

This is the third and concluding article in a series on the most effective strategies for undertaking a business valuation. Having now analysed the best valuation methods for the present day, Kevin Lovewell turns to the final pieces in the financial puzzle: How to find a financial ratio that measures profits.

How much is your business worth: valuations based on assets versus cash flow [Part...

Last week, Kevin Lovewell emphasised the importance of undergoing a business valuation, noting how the large share of business value today is based on intangibles off the balance sheet. Here in Part Two, he reviews the specific methods for performing a valuation based on one of two measurements: the physical assets of the company and the cash flows the company provides to the owners.

Still waiting for a return on your innovation investment? Find the low-hanging fruit!

In his previous article, Roger La Salle challenged innovation practitioners to examine the rate of return on their innovation investment. Here, he explains how to set a time scale to obtain this return: "If you can have an early win with innovation then you can be sure more budget will be forthcoming and still greater achievements can be obtained." To find the low-hanging fruit (and the lowest risk) for your startup, the best place to begin is with Process Innovation.

Risk is for wimps: Planning for the inevitable

If your banker refused to consider risk when considering investments and only sought out those that sounded romantic (like almost every entrepreneur), would you partner with her? Of course not, yet entrepreneurs ask venture capitalists to consider them as superior investment candidates with no comprehension of the risk they represent to investors.

Risk & Reward: Base jumpers leap from world’s new tallest building (oh, again)

The only way humans can top building a structure like the Burj Khalif is to jump off it. And that's exactly what seasoned base jumpers Omar Al Hegelan and Nasser Al Neyadi did this week, leaping from a height of 672 metres and free-falling for over 10 seconds then parachuting a further 30-40 seconds. The tower stands 828 metres high.

Risk & Reward: Base jumpers leap from world's new tallest building (oh, again)

The only way humans can top building a structure like the Burj Khalif is to jump off it. And that's exactly what seasoned base jumpers Omar Al Hegelan and Nasser Al Neyadi did this week, leaping from a height of 672 metres and free-falling for over 10 seconds then parachuting a further 30-40 seconds. The tower stands 828 metres high.

Doing business in the US: 13 smart tips to minimise risk

The United States is relentless in making its vast markets seem enticingly available, yet every mistake when doing business there can be costly and unforgiving. Here are the top 13 things you “must do” prior to taking the plunge and doing business in the US.

Risk just is – learn to manage it

"Risk" is a scary word. Most people view risks in a very negative light. Society constantly encourages us to avoid risk at all cost. A product represents a "health risk". A service puts you at "financial risk". If you drive this way you risk accident or death. Risk is bad, right?

Investing in private companies: risk management tips for the minority investor

In today’s information highway, there is no shortage of advice on how to invest in the stock market, but very limited information on how to invest in private companies. The only way you can really get out of a private investment is when there is a liquidity event, such as a trade sale or IPO. This may take years, if it happens at all, so there are certain steps you should take prior to investing in your neighbour’s ‘exciting new venture that’s sure to go global’.
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