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Website of the Week: Toxel – the inspiration station

Repetition is the enemy of creativity. How often have you begun the day with a grand vision for progress and change, only to end it with the nagging feeling that you’ve done much but achieved little? Time to get inspired.

Will the future ever deliver?

Are you sick of waiting for the future to deliver on its promises? We let the boffins get away with announcing stuff, taking our money and then hiding. Our generation X and Y attention spans mean we forget to hold them accountable. Oh look over there, something shiny...

Us Now – Oh the times, they are a changin

Us Now is a fascinating documentary film examining the astonishing pace of change that society is currently undergoing, led by the growth of the internet, technology and the new tribalism they are enabling.

Dude, you stole my business idea! Confidentiality agreements 101

An issue close to the heart (and start) of any creative venture is how to protect your valuable idea or concept if you need to disclose it to others. A common way is via a confidentiality agreement.

Get your mobile idea to market! (Free info session on July 9th)

Got a mobile content or application idea but not sure how to take it to market? Want to hear from three industry experts about how...

How to export design services

Last night, I was given the pleasure of moderating a panel of design exporters at the launch of The Case for Export, a handbook...

How to escalate your advertising

Getting your advertising under the noses of new customers can be a difficult task - so how about getting it under their palms? ...

Capital seekers… Get to the point! (again)

Earlier this morning, we pinged out a sponsored message promoting a capital raising workshop. It reminded me of a 'rant' we published in the second...

Website of the Week: A quirky new path to market for product ideas

Ben Kaufman, who also founded mophie and kluster, is back with a new variation on NameThis: quirky. The premise is this: entrepreneurs and creative people in general are bubbling with far more product ideas than they can possibly pursue. Consequently, these ideas end up dormant or exploited by someone else. Described by Kaulfman as a "social product development company", quirky invites users to submit their product ideas for US$99 each - this ensures that only the best ideas are lodged. The quirky community selects one product from the pool of submitted ideas every seven days. From there, the community (known as "influencers") weigh in by voting, rating and influencing other people's product ideas.

The playground of the future

According to researchers, as children have replaced outdoor physical recreation with video games and internet surfing, the way they actually play has become more...

Selling our IP to the Chinese

An Aussie swimming coach sells training secrets to the Chinese and it hits the front pages of the tabloids. Fair enough. But our precious...

Legal: Business method patents

One of the great misconceptions about patents is that they can only be obtained on an invention of a tangible item. However, patents can also be obtained for how a business function is performed, provided certain criteria are met. These patents are known as "business method patents".
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