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Smart Solar Desklamp (Smart 100)

The Smart Solar Desk Lamp was conceptualised in 2008 when it was apparent that there was no carbon data available from highly dispersed, tiny carbon emitters like kerosene lamps and cook stoves used by the global poor. Our Solar Desk Lamp had already gained market traction, but it was very difficult to find a method to cost-effectively measure carbon emission savings from eliminating kerosene lighting. Another Australian company, Daintree Networks, provided the basis of inspiration, at a CleanTech Conference, and the Chinese national distributors of a UK technology provided a partner for practical, low-cost development.

Viocorp (SMART 100)

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lazypatch (SMART 100)

The following SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during ...

Banquos Ghost Secure Banking Software (SMART 100)

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BeerVault (SMART 100)

The following SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during ...

yeahWARE Core (SMART 100)

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3Dme – A Look Inside (SMART 100)

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The Lab Team Composition – Experiential Team Building (SMART 100)

The Lab Creative was launched in April 2009 -- a dynamic live experience agency that deals in producing live corporate events and has revolutionized corporate team building in Australia. Securing some of the nation's largest companies -- such as Coca-Cola, Amatil, NAB, and Wesfarmers -- this is an inspiring story of vision and belief that creativity is the key to unlocking the best potential out of corporations all over the world. We are the interface between the corporate and creative -- it is a proven science.

Fryamz (SMART 100)

I removed the number plates from my car only to realise the rattling I had been constantly hearing on the car was from these same number plates scratching my paintwork. I thought there must be a better solution to stop this from happening but when I searched, I could not find anything that protected the car from the number plates or could stop the rattling that occurred from the plate. I then set to work designing a product that would not only cushion the plate, stopping rattling and damage, but also offer the consumer many unique designs to choose from.

Change2 (SMART 100)

In 2008: the recognition of the reality of climate change by society, governments and forward-thinking businesses. For business, staff engagement and behavioural change are fundamental to the success of a large-scale change. Organisations have a need for sustainability education that can be delivered in a practical format, actively engaging the learner and encouraging behavioural and cultural change. Change2 is an off-the-shelf, scalable online solution, delivering interactive sustainability modules which can be accessed by all staff. It encourages further discussion and communication of sustainability practices within organisations and is supplied with online tools to facilitate ongoing behaviour change.

Stepwise Mobile for Cloud ID (SMART 100)

Looking at the emerging market for cloud-based personal health records, as the sharpest end of smart phone applications where the tensions between authenticity and privacy are so acute, I had an epiphany that Lockstep’s intellectual property for encrypting virtual identifiers could be embedded in each mobile device app. The idea is to bake into each app a unique local handle for the user, indelibly marking all data originated from that app, authenticating the user without necessarily identifying them, and stopping data streams to be linked across apps without the user’s consent.

expanzPLATFORM (SMART 100)

One founder employed the other to complete an application development project for a large financial institution that was already over time, over budget and in serious risk. When the entire app was completed in 3 months instead of the expected 9 months, it was obvious there was something special invloved. The secret was a platform that transforms app development in a similar way to how assembly lines transformed manufacturing. The founders joined together to productize this unique approach and extend it further to leverage the emerging "cloud computing" technologies.

SurgicalPerformance (SMART 100)

... I read a book about how surgeons can do better. If medical doctors measured treatment results and received feedback about it, their patients did a lot better compared to patients who had treatment by doctors who did not audit themselves. I am a gynaecological cancer surgeon and responsible for the lives of a large number of women. The idea "how we can do better" is the passion of my life. I developed SurgicalPerformance mostly for myself and the thousands of medical doctors around the globe to enable them to provide better treatments for their patients and become better doctors.

Funnelweb (SMART 100)

Our customers kept asking us about the best way to fill bean bags.

enableHR – www.enableHR.com.au (SMART 100)

FCB Technology was briefed to develop an SaaS SME HR tool for a national retail association and its 5000 members. The first of its kind in Australia, the system contains: • Industry award and wages calculators • Electronic employee and candidate profiles to store and archive information • Doc creation wizard with 70 templates, mapped to hiring, employee management and termination workflows Over 1,200 registered users in the first three months. Testimonial: ‘Let me congratulate you. Well done. The site is easy to read and easy to use. Love it.’ Nominated for Best Legal Innovation in the 2010 Australian Law Awards.

Creativity Talent Tool (SMART 100)

One of my clients asked me how she could accurately identify creative performers in recruitment for her organisation. I told her I would try and find her a tool, and found out nothing existed - so we set about creating one.

Intelli Fence (SMART 100)

I realised I had to dig up my patio and garden just to install some simple lighting and an irrigation system. Instead, I attached the conduit for each service to my wooden fence and although it did the job, it didn't look good. I then thought what if the system was built into the fence in the first place? I set about designing how this could be achieved and in the process incorporated the use of recyclable materials as well as designing a unique "no bolts or screws" installation system, while making the system aesthetically attractive.

Joinlox (SMART 100)

Dean Cameron was given a challenge. Four plastics experts told him that it was impossible to transport plastic sewerage tanks in parts and assemble them on site. “Inventors don’t like accepting ‘no’ for an answer. So I set to work to come up with my own solution. I was intrigued by the way clams and other molluscs were able to use filaments – called byssus threads – to attach themselves securely to rocks. That’s when I realised that the way these threads work could be used to solve my problem of joining plastics and other materials.” The solution was Joinlox.

Neta Litre Meter (SMART 100)

A need became apparent during water restrictions in Australia. Water authorities now apply water restrictions in litres per day. There was a need for a product which measures litres and provides easy monitoring and control of water usage outside of the home. The Neta Litre Meter was co-developed by two Australian companies. In addition, a litre-based watering method was included to help save water. It provides an easy guide to the correct amount of water to use on the garden. This further enhances the benefits of the Neta Litre Meter. The guide is included on packaging and promotional material.

Reverse Vending Machines (SMART 100)

We developed this solution around Wincor Nixdorf's solution, however the EPA of South Australia requires that these machines pay end users cash at collection point. These Reverse Vending Machines will be used thru out the state of South Australia as a start. Recyclates are captured in a clean fashion and all empty plastics, cans, and bottles are recycled. Hence, a cleaner environment for people using this technology. The modern day "cash for cans".
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