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The 10 best strategic business slides of all time: #9 — Integrated Communication

In the ninth post in this series, Nigel Malone shares the contents of another of his favourite business keynote slides, drawn from a cross-section of sources that includes some of the great business, brand and military planners of all time.

The Law of Success — Lesson One: The Master Mind

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Napoleon Hill’s 1,600+ page monstrosity published prior to Think and Grow Rich, contains a lot of useful information that can help you reach your potential. Over the coming weeks, Joshua Moore will be coving these lessons in a practical way that you can apply to your life and work. The first principle in the book is known as the Master Mind.

Online Marketing By Design seminar, Sydney [video]

On 2 February, Anthill Magazine and Mumbrella co-hosted "Online Marketing by Design", a panel event held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney. An extension of the successful event held in Melbourne late last year, the Sydney event sold out quickly and the room was brimming with both people and ideas about marketing in the rapidly evolving digital age.

Debate rages at Mumbrella/Anthill Online Marketing by Design in Sydney last night — #mumhill...

There were plenty of great insights and conversations shared about marketing and social media at last nights Online Marketing By Design event held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney, co-hosted by Mumbrella and Anthill Magazine.

Website of the Week: The Loop helps creative people sell themselves

Creative industries have changed dramatically over the past decade, but unfortunately the options for creative professionals to showcase their talent to peers and prospective employers hasn’t. Until now.

Research: Australians lead the world in time spent on social media

A recent survey by The Nielsen Company has shown a global rise of time spent on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, of two and a half hours for December 2009 and December 2008. Going from three hours to five and a half hours represents a staggering 82 percent increase.

The value of entering awards for small business

Every year, whether they are successful or not, entrants in business awards programs sing the praises of just completing the process. Johanna Baker-Dowell reflects of a year of commercial self-discovery.

For success, reality must take precedence over public relations

There are way too many people out there in business bullshitting to themselves, their staff and their customers. The simple truth is that if you run your business like its amateur hour, no matter how much you want to fool yourself and your customers into thinking that you’re smart and good at what you do, eventually you will stumble and the truth will out.

How to finance a BIMBO

Want to take it to the next level in your company. It might be time to finance a BIMBO. Todd O’Neil explains.

Social Media's BIG year — An illustrated video retrospective

2009 was the year that graphic sketch videos -- brief clips using slickly produced animations to explain new products or complicated concepts -- came of age.

Social Media’s BIG year — An illustrated video retrospective

2009 was the year that graphic sketch videos -- brief clips using slickly produced animations to explain new products or complicated concepts -- came of age.

The History of Social Media: As Seen by Geekstorians

People who say social media is a fad have a profound misunderstanding of the internet and the reasons why people love it so, writes Leela Cosgrove.

Four essential X-Factor elements for success

An influential personal brand is a heady and unpredictable mix. If it were a recipe, I’m convinced it would be one of those fiercely guarded family secrets dating back hundreds of years. For this reason, while many have tried, few succeed in capturing in writing the essential X-Factor elements for success. It’s a big ask, but I hope to change all of that for you, right here, right now.

The best innovation requires you to loosen your grip

Have you ever worked in a company where the boss or your manager hoards information? Unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon. The old saying goes that "Knowledge is Power", and those who are insecure in their abilities or feel threatened by those around them try to remain in control by hording information.

What Tiger Woods Should Have Known! (7 Fatal Sins that Will Kill Your Personal...

We’re now two weeks into the Tiger Woods scandal and it has already cost him a lucrative contract with his sponsor Accenture. His deal with...

2009 Cool Company Awards video highlights in two-and-a-half minutes

With a Pop Art theme, this year's Anthill Cool Company Awards ceremony was always going to be groovy. Here are the highlights, distilled down into a manic two-and-a-half-minute clip by our very own multi-talented multimedia maestro, Peter Arena (who also designed the winners' "trophies"). Awe-some!

DUMB REPORT 2009: iSnack 2.Doh! (1 of 10)

As the first instalment in our annual DUMB REPORT, it's hard to look beyond the most discussed media and marketing experiment for 2009, Kraft's controversial crowdsourcing campaign and the naming of iSnack 2.0.

Unsocial Media – What the hell am I doing here?

Communication is a fundamental human need. However, as Will Egan explains, Twitter and Facebook can become costly distractions from the main game if companies don't understand where their communities are coming from.

Diary of an entrepreneur raising capital: Life’s a pitch

Week 6: For me, whether it’s speed dating or a business proposition, a great pitch should help others understand your vision and get them excited about it as quickly as possible. For some reason my spiel has never generated that much enthusiasm in the speed-dating world, but the business environment is different (I hope). Generally speaking, my pitches usually follow a formula, which explains (in order) the following...

Tenille Bentley, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner

Tenille Bentley is putting Australia on the map with her impressive philanthropic work. She is the founder of The Greater Good Foundation (GGF), a charity to support women and children affected by domestic violence.
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Five essential things to get right if you want to raise...

So you’ve got a brilliant idea, or maybe you’ve even started building your nascent business, but you think it might help to bring on some extra money. You try to raise the money, but wherever you go it seems there are roadblocks and challenges, and it’s difficult to know where to start. To help tackle this tricky tropic, we interviewed Bryan Vadas. He’s the founder of iPledg (Australia’s leading crowdfunding platform for creative, commercial, charitable and community projects) and Capital Exchange Australia (an education and funding platform for startups).


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...