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Spell your company name with funky Flickr letters


Remember the random cut and paste lettering of ransom notes from old movies and cop shows?

Well, here’s a cool API mashup that takes letters in various styles and fonts from Flickr so that you can spell your name, your company name, your friend’s, spouse’s, pet’s names like any respectable cartoon villain. What’s even cooler is that if you don’t like any letter chosen, you can click on it to generate a different letter.

I’m sure that there are more productive ways to spend your time but this neat app, created by kastner (Erik Kastner) with PHP and javascript, offers plenty of great inspiration for anyone messing with fonts or logos.

A letter N KMcElman_090516_T2


letter I nantuckeT

d17 a

letter B chocolate letter O pe M broke, MA KMcElman_090516_B1 Blue exclamation mark

Now, go forth and spell with flickr.