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Software start-up RedEye gets $250,000 grant and launches new mobile work app

Wayne Gerard, Co-founder and CEO RedEye

Disruptive software company RedEye recently welcomed the awarding of a $250,000 business grant under Advance Queensland’s Ignite Ideas Fund.

The award was announced by the Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, during her keynote at RedEye’s Future of Work Summit.

Established in Brisbane in 2012, RedEye is a leading cloud-based service for enterprise and the first software business, globally, to make engineering data truly mobile.

Co-founder and CEO, Wayne Gerard, remarked that the Ignite Ideas funding was a great initiative from the Queensland Government that will help RedEye and other Queensland start-ups accelerate their global growth.

“We are proud to be awarded funding under the Advance Queensland program. We’ve employed a new Product Manager and Software Lead because of the grant. As we scale, we expect our new workforce mobility software will create another 20 to 30 new tech jobs in Queensland,” he said.

What does this funding mean for RedEye?

The funding will accelerate the launch of RedEye’s new workforce mobility app, RedEyeWFM, which aims to help the business grow its share of the projected US$320 billion global enterprise mobility market by extending its product range to professionals in all other industries.

RedEyeWFM will help teams manage the creation, scheduling and completion of jobs anywhere, on any device. Through the creation of customisable templates such as checklists and work orders, the app allows teams to communicate remotely and in real-time via mobile devices.

The app aims to lower the traditional administration costs and paperwork associated with managing teams, while improving project accuracy and collaboration through cloud-based data management.

RedEye cofounders Randall Makin (L) and Wayne Gerard (R)
RedEye cofounders Randall Makin (L) and Wayne Gerard (R)

Gerard said RedEye has spent nine months engaging with potential clients around a prototype and is currently focused on building a community of small and large businesses who are working collaboratively and transparently in real-time.

“The value of enterprise mobility is set to hit more than $320 billion globally by 2020. We believe RedEyeWFM is the missing component for business.

“This will be a differentiator for small businesses by enabling them to provide their clients with a more meaningful experience and richer data. Also, by reducing the procurement-to-pay cycle, this will enable small businesses to be paid faster.

“As with RedEye’s existing Software As A Service (SaaS) solution, RedEyeDMS, our new RedEyeWFM solution will be built with the user experience at its core, providing a simple and enjoyable interface, driving towards zero training for users,” added Gerard.

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