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Small businesses can leverage marketing benefits out of the social media platforms


Author Franziska Iseli has announced the release of “Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses,” through the John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd publishing company to help small business owners unlock the potential of social media to grow their businesses.

“Social Media for Small Businesses” goes over Franziska’s brand strategy, The Brand Alchemy Method™, in order for small businesses to get the most out of their efforts with impactful brand strategies.

This method focuses on the four key aspects:

  1. Brand foundation,
  2. Positioning,
  3. Messaging and
  4. Engagement.

From this, small businesses can set up the foundation of their brand in order to succeed across different social media platforms.

Franziska goes over six of the most popular social media networks with practical and concrete techniques small businesses can use to gain passionate followers.

No matter the industry, one or more of these networks are often essential to business growth. “Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses” not only teaches about these social media networks, but helps businesses identify what platforms are the best fit for them.

“Social media is a marketing tool that evens the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. If used properly, it can have an exponential effect on business growth and success.” says Franziska.

I wrote this book to support small businesses in unlocking social media’s potential in ways that will bring them the biggest returns.

Setting a foundation

“Social Media for Small Businesses” provides helpful strategies, practical tips, and in-depth activities in order to expand their reach and make an impact on their bottom line.

It’s up to you to implement what you’ll learn, but the book is here to encourage you every step of the way.

  1. Learn about the MAVERICK principles, the foundation for any company looking to market themselves or their products and services.
  2. Practice brand strategy exercises using tactics, such as the Brand Alchemy Method™, that can work across all industries by focusing on your audience.
  3. Choose from the six social media networks and tactics tested by Franziska and her team to apply to your own business.

Pricing and availability

A paperback copy of “Social Media for Small Businesses” is available for preorder now in Australia for AU$29.95 through the Basic Bananas website or internationally through Amazon, and will be released April 1, 2021.

Resources mentioned throughout the book are free to download at basic bananas.

Franziska Iseli is an entrepreneur and the founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood, The Data People and Oceanlovers. She’s a renowned marketing and brand strategist, adventurer, author and speaker. 

Franziska Iseli