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In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Oprah, it should come as no surprise that people like to share their personal lives with the whole world. What is astonishing is the extent to which some people entrust the ultra-personal detritus of their lives to the collective wisdom of the World Wide Mob. A case in point: SideTaker.com.

So you’re in a relationship and there is a point of disagreement that cannot be resolved through the trusted everyday channels of compromise, guilt or abstinence blackmail. Not to worry. Now you can post both sides of the dispute on SideTaker and let the world decide who is right and who is being “difficult”.

It’s likely that some of the domestic disputes on SideTaker are bogus, but most seem legitimate. Some are funny and some are quite sad, but all carry the scent of minor but intractable disputes turned atomic by public airing. After all, the vast majority of disagreements between couples seem petty to everyone but the two people in disagreement.

But this doesn’t stop them seeking affirmation, nor the world from providing it.