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    Everyone loves a good bargain. But for all the immediacy in today’s world, it seems harder than ever to find one amid the never-to-be-repeated deals, opportunities to earn unimaginable wealth (hey, I have a pretty fertile imagination) and products that deliver six-pack abs as you eat pizza and drink beer on the couch. While these sorts of scams undoubtedly keep many people in a comfortable living, the rest of us long to just cut to the chase.

    We stumbled on OzBargain after one of its members stumbled on Anthill’s secret subscription offer and posted it for all the world to see. After scratching our heads, playing cat and mouse with them for about ten seconds and then shaking off a vague feeling of violation, it dawned on us that this was actually a brilliant website. We laid down our weapons.

    Quite simply, OzBargain members hunt for bargains Australia-wide (online and offline) and post them to the OzBargain site. It might be 30 free prints when you sign up for a digital photography printing service. Or perhaps an error in Officeworks’ pricing system has them offering a Western Digital 1 terabyte external hard drive for $199, as happened recently. OzBargain’s hunters are on the job, posting bargains and regular updates/comments about any pricing changes or caveats.

    The average bargain is usually only valid for a few days, but there are enough posted on OzBargain every day to keep you coming back. I’m hooked. Check it out. You might even stumble upon an Anthill bargain or two…