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Online tool that customises apps for every mobile OS rounds out top five of Anthill SMART 100


Software developer Duc Ngo was sick and tired of it. Every app he created for mobile devices required countless extra hours to rewrite each for the various operating systems. It was tedious, man-hour expensive and flat-out boring.

So Ngo stepped up and created a solution. The resulting product is the centerpiece of JMango, a company for which Ngo serves as chief technology officer. The JMango development platform rounds out the top five of this year’s Anthill SMART 100.

JMango Mobile Development Platform

Company: JMango
Headquarters: Collingwood, VIC

The aim of the platform is to speed up app development with a simple-to-use, cloud-based interface. Developers create apps with a descriptive scripting language of the JMango platform’s graphic interface. When they are done, the platform compiles and deploys the app to the target devices via SMS or data transfer or makes it available on device-specific online stores.

And when we say “all platforms,” we mean it: J2ME, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm. The JMango tool makes an app work for them all.

Because all the compiling happens in the cloud, there’s no need for specialised equipment. The platform’s interface is understandable to the point that you needn’t be a crack developer to concoct an app.

The platforms’s target markets, in addition to individual developers, are companies that can build and manage apps; companies that want to create a presence native to the device’s OS, as compared to putting it on a website. (And for companies that don’t have a development team, JMango will contract to do the work.)

JMango plans to get the word out through the usual means: social media, trade shows/conferences, news releases and word of mouth from clients.