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NewNet launches new green business information service


A new service called Deal Radar was launched by NewNet this month to deliver in-depth business information for green companies all over the world.

New Energy World Network (NewNet) has recently launched a new green business information service called Deal Radar.

With the mission to connect the sustainable business community and promote green business opportunities, NewNet will be providing insights into business opportunities and investment in the clean technologies and sustainability sectors through its new service.

According to NewNet, Deal Radar features companies and projects profiles, global news on upcoming  business opportunities and funding sources as well as coverage of completed business contracts, partnerships and investments. Deal Radar also features exclusive interviews with industry leaders and market analysis.

Subscribers of the Deal Radar have also access to the Deal Radar Alerts, a service that allows them to select real-time business alerts by sector, geography or deal type and then receive them immediately by e-mail or twitter.

NewNet also features an extensive news service called News&Views. This news service covers all the breaking news on green businesses and technologies and can be accessed through the website or by subscribing to a newsletter.

Companies and projects wanting to feature on Deal Radar can do so free of charge by submitting their profile on the NewNet Deal Radar website.