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Melbourne startup SalesTribe selected into the U.K.’s Global Entrepreneur Programme


Melbourne based startup SalesTribe has announced it has been selected into the U.K. Government’s Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. The Programme — which only selects 100 startups world-wide annually — helps entrepreneurs and early-stage technology businesses and startups looking to relocate their business to the U.K.

This announcement coincides with SalesTribe’s official launch this month, which saw co-founder Graham Hawkins reveal the platform’s newest customer, technology solutions provider, eBlueprint.

SalesTribe is an on-demand sales platform, which connects sales people to startups looking to grow fast without huge overheads. It was founded by Graham and brother, Doug Hawkins.

What’s the need for SalesTribe?

Startup founders with little or no sales experience often fail in managing specialist sales resources as they don’t know what to look for. This is a concern as the dynamic nature of startups requires the agility to flex up and down as the business changes direction, grows and expands.

As the role of the sales person continues to dramatically transform, SalesTribe provides all the resources that salespeople need to reinvent, repurpose and reconnect themselves.

So essentially, SalesTribe is a two-sided marketplace that helps salespeople with new career opportunities, while simultaneously helping startups and small businesses accelerate their growth with specialist, on-demand sales capability.

Graham Hawkins
Graham Hawkins

Where did the idea come from?

36 months of research during the research phase of writing Graham Hawkin’s book, The Future of the Sales Profession.

There is currently a huge shift occurring in the B2B sales landscape. To give you an idea, of the 4.5M B2B salespeople in the U.S. today, one million jobs will be axed by 2020. This is an ominous trend facing the 96,300 B2B salespeople in Australia. Consequently, salespeople need to reinvent, repurpose and reconnect themselves.

How does SalesTribe work?

SalesTribe provides startups with an assessment of their go-to-market plans, and then makes recommendations on how they can optimise their execution models with people, process and technology.

SalesTribe simultaneously takes its salespeople through a range of assessments and programs that allow it to vet and rank each of them, understand their skill-sets and how/when they can add most value. Mentors available on the platform primarily help salespeople with the capability uplift that they need to become ‘startup ready’.

SalesTribe then matches its curated stable of salespeople with the right startups and small businesses so that it can maximise the deliverables/outcomes for the business.