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New Entrepreneur in Residence Program launched by AngelLoft in Sydney


Private Sydney-based angel group AngelLoft has launched a brand-spanking new Entrepreneur in Residence Program to help grow new ventures and secure funding.

In addition to a place to bunker-down and hang a shingle, participants score a seat at AngelLoft dinners, where they can shoot the breeze with the group’s high-powered business types.

According to AngelLoft chairman Randal Leeb du Toit the new program adds to the investor group’s clout as a mentor and sounding board for entrepreneurs.

Angel Dinners for Entrepreneurs

In addition to a free feed and good chat, the Entrepreneurs in Residence program will include ongoing mentoring. Once participants are ready to secure funding, they’re guaranteed a coveted pitch slot at an AngelLoft Dinner.

And it’s not just AngelLoft who are teaming food with funding. Other examples of regular angel dinners that introduce seed-stage startups to angels include: Aurellius Digital, Brisbane Angels, Innovation Bay, Melbourne Angels, SA Angels, and Sydney Angels.

AngelLoft’s first Entrepreneur in Residence is Sara Lucas, founder of EnrichMe.

EnrichMe’s Sara Lucas first cab off the rank

With solid blue chip experience in the finance sector, Lucas saw a yawning gap between what smart women want from their money and how to get it — 89% of Australian women have no money plan in place.

Lucas set up EnrichMe to provide women with reliable money information and to empower them to make good money choices.

On being chosen for the program, Lucas said, “This opportunity is unique in that it provides unfettered, yet structured access to a select group of angel investors who are themselves leaders in their field, committed to accelerating the sustainable growth of companies like EnrichMe.”

The next AngelLoft Dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, 29 March 2011 in Sydney.

Established in late 2010, AngelLoft describes itself as focused on providing time and capital to the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs. According to its website, “AngelLoft draws on its community of highly experienced members to both assist prospective angel investors and accelerate the growth of early stage ventures.”