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Josh Rimmington, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer


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What is 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. This year’s batch of nominees was extensive and impressive. So much so that we believe several young talents who didn’t snag 30under30 top honours still deserve your attention and recognition. We call them our Up-and-Comers. More.

Josh Rimmington, QLD (b. 1983)

Name: Josh Rimmington
Age: 28 (Born: January 1983)
Gender: Male
State: QLD

Josh Rimmington has a lot of room to store all those “it couldn’t be done” admonitions. As the founder/owner of BuyAShed.com.au, one of Australia’s top sellers of storage buildings, he’s proved ’em all wrong — you can sell this stuff strictly online.

Rimmington shook up an industry that traditionally depended on sticks-and-bricks stores and real-life displays of sheds to move product. He brought previous experience in the shed business to the online project, and he knew that a easily shoppable website and a capable sales force would be crucial to shifting a company onto the Interwebs.

“BuyAShed.com was an instant success,” says Rimmington, who with his partners launched the business in 2007. “It has been credited with changing the industry and the way people buy sheds in Australia.”

Rimmington said BuyAShed.com.au felt pushback from the industry in its first year. A couple of big retailers pressured suppliers to not work with BuyAShed. “To overcome this we had to make the suppliers see we were going to be just as important to them,” Rimmington says. “It took a lot of talks, but eventually they came around and we still have great relationship with these guys today.”

He says BuyAShed.com has sold about 20,000 garden sheds since its launch and holds a market share of about 30% (it was an Anthill Cool Company in 2008). It also sells carports, aviaries, patio covers and garages. The company has expanded its catalog recently, moving into farm and industrial sheds, and stables and arenas.

He and a partner (“my best mate for four years now”) are serial entrepreneurs, creating about 20 other business over the last few years, trying to fill in market gaps when they see them. It takes a lot of energy, which Rimmington seems to have in copious amounts.

“My motivation has changed over the years,” he says. “When I started, I had a point to prove, as everyone in the industry told me  what I wanted to do wouldn’t work. These days I am motivated by seeing an idea come to reality as well as creating an awesome life for my wife and two young boys.”

Anthill asks: Josh Rimmington, what’s your superpower?

“Being able to be doing a lot of things at once. My mind works very fast and although people say you should concentrate on one thing, I have found my own way to be working on 10 things at once and fitting a lot into a day.”


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