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Is this ethical advertising? Is it for the greater good? [VIDEO]


I am really unsure what I feel about this campaign designed by BBDO Bangkok.

In the poorest parts of many countries, including Thailand, people use advertising billboards as part of their shelter.

Working from this premis, BBDO and its client, HomePro, designed billboards that were ads on one side. On the other side, they attached fittings for homes – lights, rails, windows, wall paper, mirrors and shelving. HomePro, as the name suggests, is a home wares store, more Home Depot than Bunnings, but you get the idea.

When these billboards were taken by locals, their shanty home became more like a home.

I can see that the intention is good and come from the right place. But, somehow, I feel that it’s not quite right. Perhaps I’d feel better about it if it wasn’t filmed. Perhaps it’s that by putting its products on the ‘other side’ this also constitutes advertising in my book.

But, then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is the kind of advertising campaign that will make everyone feel awesome. I think I would feel that it is awesome if this was the way HomePro, and any other businesses that want to make a real difference, choose to make all their billboards. I want to know that this is not just a one-off event.


HomePro – The other side project