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The iPhone is a remix and, that doesn’t make it any less remarkable [VIDEO]


When Steve Jobs stepped on stage on January 9th, 2007 he knew he was going to be changing the way the world worked.

Right now, we are living proof of that. It’s seven years later and smart phone use is often our default technology choice.

But, here’s the thing and, it’s often true of amazing innovations – the iPhone wasn’t exactly new. What was new was how existing technology was put together and, most importantly, how we were going to interact with it.

This video shows how the iPhone is a remix; that doesn’t make it any less remarkable.

And, if you want a bit more interesting reading, check out this article from Apple Insider that explains the real story behind Jobs making that announcement seven years ago.

You’ll understand how close everything came to failing, what the technical problems were and, how they were overcome to show the world what was possible (not what actually was). It’s something that Jobs founded his success on. It’s fascinating reading and you can almost hear the whisky glasses being poured after the demo didn’t go how the engineers feared it would.

This confirms the mantra that you’ve got to get out there with your product before it is ready, before it is perfect.

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone