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Investible joins Alston Elliot Graphics to invest in the future of sports broadcast


Investible, one of Australia’s most active seed stage investors, has participated in a seed funding round for LIGR.

The round was led by Alston Elliot Graphics (AEG), one of the world’s leading broadcast graphics services companies. AEG produces graphics for the Rugby World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Cricket World Cup, Star India, the Indian Premier League, the English Premier League and many other international and domestic sports competitions across the globe.

Much like Canva has disrupted the traditional graphic design industry, LIGR has developed an automated, templated, and easy to use graphics software platform for live sports streams.

The cost and complexity of traditional graphics solutions limits professional and personalised graphics to the world’s biggest sports organisations. LIGR’s solution enables the remaining 90% of sports organisations to add ‘TV’ quality, templated broadcast graphics to their streams, from anywhere in the world and without a graphics operator.

What is the story behind LIGR?

LIGR was started by Luke McCoy, who previously founded sportstech company VPA Technologies and his long time friend and software developer Adam Burke.

“We’re democratising sports live graphics and streaming, making it easy for organisations of all sizes to professionalise, standardise and commercialise their broadcasts.”

“We’ve spent the last two years listening to broadcasters and sports organisations and building a product that empowers them to engage and grow their audience, attract fans and sponsors, scale their production and create professional-grade streams, without the expense or complexity.”

While Investible’s investment was finalised ‘pre-COVID-19’, Investment Director Daniel Veytsblit says the impact of the coronavirus on live sporting events only strengthens the need for LIGR’s solution.

“Crowd sizes may continue to be restricted as live sport resumes. More than ever, sports organisations will need new, more effective ways to monetize the game and attract new fans. LIGR is well-placed to capture this demand by making professional and engaging live sports streams more affordable for organisations of all sizes across a wide variety of sports,” said Veytsblit.

“LIGR has built an impressive tech platform that is simple for customers to use and inherently scalable. Combined with the vision, experience and determination of Luke, Adam and their team, we are excited to support their journey,” he added.