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Innovation challenge launched by Telstra to equip Australia during natural disasters


Brilliant minds across the country are being summoned to stand up and make a difference.

Telstra is challenging all Australian researchers and innovators to come up with breakthrough ideas that could minimise the impact of disastrous situations to communities.

Telstra Innovation Challenge, now in its third year of operation, dubbed the category as “Communications in assisting disasters”. Standard categories for the Telstra Innovation Challenge are still open for all entries.

Dr. Hugh Bradlow, Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer, hopes that with the company’s support, people and communities will not be too vulnerable to the damaging effects of natural occurrences such as earthquakes, floods, or cyclones.

“Australia has been the birthplace of some exceptional inventions over the years, and it’s this sense of ingenuity that we’re searching for to devise a new technology that can assist Australia in disaster situations,” Dr Bradlow said.

He hopes that the aftermath of floods and cyclones in the country as well as earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan will move entrants and make them more eager to submit projects that will significantly minimize the loss of lives and properties.

“We hope to collaborate with innovators so that their breakthrough ideas or laboratory projects will find its way to the market. They are encouraged to share what they are working on and how Telstra can help in bringing it to success”, Dr. Bradlow said.

“The Australian public will choose the winners in this category, making it the first people’s choice award in the Telstra Innovation Challenge,” Dr Bradlow said.

“Telstra will give the winners access to a range of Telstra networks and products, facilitated meetings with suppliers, as well as access to a range of expertise within Telstra across a wide range of disciplines.”

He further said that the company is looking for other exemplary work in the fields of health, entertainment, education, and environmental benefits. As Telstra widens its gaze, a new door will be opened to anyone out there willing to make this world a safer place to live in.

“Previous winners of the Telstra Innovation Challenge come from a wide range of fields. For example, professionals at Neural Diagnostics are looking at new ways to diagnose different health issues; Taggle specialists offer long-range technology solutions currently used to track livestock location; and, Seecue, a firm that is developing a tool that will allow video to be searched as easily as text.”

Senior Telstra executives will serve as the panel judges for the presentation of shortlisted entrants. Voting for the ‘People’s Choice’ disaster category opens on 1 September.

Further details on entry requirements and Terms and Conditions are available from www.telstra.com.au/innovation. Entries close 1 August 2011.