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I Just Made Love: Web users plot their love making online


ijustmadeloveThere is a moment in the very ‘lovable’ French film Amelie when its main character (of the same name) tries to imagine how many people are making love in Paris at an exact moment in time.

It’s cute, it’s quaint, it’s strangely ‘loveable’ and, now, it’s almost possible to get verifying data as to the accuracy of her guess.

I Just Made Love is a new website that allows web users to track their love making antics and those of others anywhere in the world.

We thought hauling was indulgent enough. But it now seems there are no bounds for online narcissists to publicise all their private activities (and we mean all).

Right click on a Google Map to post the location of your passionate moments, select “Indoor” or “Outdoor” and choose from one of five positions, conveniently illustrated by the site’s blue and pink cartoon figures.

We chose to create a fictitious love making marker on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (below).


Or… if you are just a spectator, perhaps check out who has been making love in your neck of the woods lately, like on this map of Brisbane (below).

Check out the pink markers, created by real Brisbanites (or happy holidaymakers).


We can only wonder whether the Sydney-based creators of  Google Maps ever anticipated the almost limitless ways this Google technology is now being used – to give street directions, to  save lives, to plot bushfires and,  now, to tell your friends where you ‘just made love’.