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Here are 4 key tips to keep in mind on how to write a corporate video script [VIDEO]


Today, the video has become a vital part of every successful marketing strategy. And why wouldn’t it be? It helps companies promote the brand and showcase the overall message in front of the target audience.

You shouldn’t, however, treat your corporate video script like a film screenplay. The fact is, you don’t have to be Aaron Sorkin or Charlie Kaufman to write a captivating video script that can entice viewers.

The goal is to write creatively and keep the message of the company alive. From adding emotional undertones to multiple plot points, the possibilities to surprise your audience are endless. A poorly written short video script, on the other hand, will impact the outcome of your entire video.

Without further ado, here are some of the recommended elements, along with great examples, on how to write a video script for corporate video:

1. Focus on Your Story

A great corporate video script example should focus on the story. You can search the ocean of explainer video script examples and realize how each video underlines a problem and then presents a solution.

It is not as if you have to create a Hitchcockian mystery at every turn of the second. In fact, make sure your story checks out as entertaining to win the audience. The character elements should unfold naturally without a shred of pretence and self-seriousness.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

To create a corporate promotional video script, you should keep the length of your video as brief. So long as you have an interesting story to tell, the pieces will fall in their place like a puzzle. You can, however, take inspiration from the contemporary short films in the industry to keep the engine of ideas moving.

In addition, absolute certainty about key objectives can help you compress the stylization of your sample explainer video script. Conversely, you can practice with a 60-second video script template as well.

3. Communicate with Your Audience

Your corporate script for a video should be able to communicate visually with the audience. Similarly, as much as buzzwords or jargons sound fun, you should use them minimally throughout your corporate video script sample. Your goal is to convince the viewers that you can solve their problems.

Moreover, do not forget you are talking to human beings. Therefore, take a human approach to write your script without sounding like a robot.

4. Simplify and Rephrase Your Script

Naturally, you do not want to confuse your audience. If you are on your own, conveying the core corporate message to your visitors while simplifying the quality of the message can be a headache. That is why you should hire a corporate video production company to deal with problems that would normally take too much time.

You can get your hands on a YouTube video script example to find a straightforward structure for your script. You can notch up the script even more and start storyboarding each frame.


There is no self-defeat when you seek video script writing services. To be blunt, video production services can build on your original ideas and create invigorative visuals, voiceover options, and textual styles based on your script.

In order to write an engaging corporate script, you must have a foundational strategy that complements your entire marketing campaign.

Larry Mutenda is a Digital Marketing Consultant who runs a marketing agency, Mammothic Group Inc. with several companies that specialize in digital marketing, video production and animation.

Larry Mutenda, Mammothic Group