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How startups can establish a cool office without breaking the bank [SPONSORED]


Setting up your own business is exciting but it can be challenging as well, considering that you may face the financial constraints that startups often face. The first challenge will be about establishing the physical space where you will operate from – your office.

Whether you rent an office space or decide to operate from home, this will be a considerable investment. There are some essentials that you cannot imagine setting up your office space without.

At the same time, you will have to invest in designing, layout, furniture, and furnishing as well. This sounds like you will need to spend a lot but you still can do it without breaking the bank. Here are some tips that can help.

Take the minimum viable approach

Establishing a startup success is all about taking a minimum viable approach in every aspect and your office is no exception. List out the bare essentials and set up with them at the beginning. For example, if you have three people in your team, only start with three computers and just enough furniture to accommodate them and some clients. However, don’t cringe on the necessary stuff such as the internet, telephone systems, chairs, conference table, and coffee machines.

Buy only the basic software

The concept of minimum viable applies not only to physical products but software solutions as well. At this stage, it is easy to get carried away and buy expensive software your team may not even use in the near future. Look for free solutions or shortlist ones that you cannot just do without. Motivate your team to leverage their skills during the early days at work and you can gradually add up later.

Look for deals and offers

Another smart idea to set up your startup office in the budget is by looking for deals and offers to economize the purchase of equipment and supplies. Pick online coupons and check out one of the Officeworks stores for availing them to get stuff on discounts. You can even wait for the sale season and shop equipment, furniture and supplies you need. Just be there at the opening hours to pick the best deals because there will be others like you looking to grab them as well.

Get your hands dirty

As a new entrepreneur, you need to get your hands dirty if you want to save money. This approach applies everywhere, even when setting up your first office. Good research always helps you save money. Start by checking catalogues and comparing the prices of the stuff you need right at the beginning.

Remember that establishing a startup office should be all about sustainability and the economy. If you plan to buy DIY furniture, get to work yourself and involve your team as well. You’ll probably love decorating the space yourself!

Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you should pick durable stuff that you will not need to replace anytime soon. Work on creating a welcoming ambience that your team and clients would love. Do give some personal touches such as green plants and your signature colour in the décor.

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