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How Anthill's first Cool Company Awards caused an icy reception



Anthill celebrates its 6th birthday this week. To celebrate, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane, sharing some of the behind-the-scene events that delighted and dismayed, such as…

The Case of the Icy-Application.

Over the past four years, since the unplanned birth and rapid growth of Anthill’s Cool Company Awards (the child of caffeine, the cause of much sleep deprivation), we have seen some genuinely wacky entries.

Most have impressed, some have baffled and then there are the few that are simply too weird for words.

However, one of our favourites, arrived among the many unexpected entries prompted by Anthill’s inaugural awards in April 2006 – before today’s questionnaire format had been developed, before we’d even imagined criteria.

It’s fair to say that the application proffered by applicant company Laybuy was the cause of an icy-reception.

In fact, it was literal cause of an icy reception area.

The dissertation on the reasons why Laybuy is ‘cool’ arrived embedded in a block of ice and spent two days in the office sink defrosting before we could get to it.

Now, that’s not just cool. It’s ice-cold!

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