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Here are the top ten reasons why your business needs a freelancer


Australian workplaces are changing. Businesses are increasingly hiring expert freelancers instead of full time staff in an on-demand economy that rewards speed and flexibility. Many skilled professionals are also now seeking the financial and lifestyle benefits that come with freelance work.

Recent research reveals a significant increase in the number of businesses hiring specialist expertise for freelance projects. And it’s the SMEs that are leading this change by adopting new recruitment models at a faster rate than their larger more rigid peers.

If Australian businesses aren’t innovating, they’re being left behind. It often makes more business sense to get an expert to complete a piece of work at short notice, rather than waiting months to hire a full time staff member that might not work out.

The simple fact is that freelancers and contractors are playing an increasing role in today’s business landscape. Here are the top ten reasons why Australian businesses are hiring freelancers instead of full time staff:

1. Speed of execution

Expert freelancers get in and get work done quickly. They are focused and used to turning quality work around in short time frames. Once the work is scoped out, they are not encumbered by endless internal meetings and training. It is straight down to business.

2. Value for money

You can hire a freelancer for a specific project, which can be very cost effective for a business. A contractor who works from home will not have expensive overheads.  They will charge an hourly rate or a project fee that is better value than employing a full time equivalent.

3. Speed to hire

There are no long lead times with expert freelancers. They can often start a project straight away. You could advertise for a candidate and have a successful contractor through the door within hours – reducing your recruitment costs (time and money) by up to 70 per cent.

4. Flexibility

Freelancers will drop everything to get the work done. They crave flexibility and thrive on working beyond the standard nine-to-five. Freelancers will do what it takes to meet project deadlines.

5. Focused on the task

Expert freelancers have one thing on their mind – getting the job done. There will be no distractions or complications. Their fees are based on successfully completing a project on time and to budget.

6. Free from office politics

Freelancers are independent and often work remotely. They do not get distracted with “water cooler” gossip and office politics. They stick to the brief and get the work done.

7. Unique expertise

Freelancers are highly specialised and often know more about a particular subject matter than you. They also have a breadth of expertise that can only be gained through project-based work. They are experts. That is why you hire them.

8. Independence

Expert freelancers are independent. They will be able to assess your business with fresh eyes and tell you the truths that you might not want to hear.

The independent nature of their work could also mean that you never meet them in person as they are based in another state or country. It does not matter where they are physically located, so long as they can deliver results.

9. Extensive networks

Freelancers often have extensive, high-quality networks that they have developed while working with other businesses and freelancers. They are able to tap into their network’s expertise and create new opportunities for your business.

When you engage a freelancer, great networks are part of the package.

10. Guaranteed results

Freelancers are used to working on their own and doing everything possible to exceed expectations. They have been recommended to you for a reason.

It is in their best interests to meet deadlines and over deliver, in case there is more work to follow. They are out to impress.

Bridget Loudon is the CEO of Expert360 one of Australia’s leading talent marketplaces. It provides an online platform that matches businesses with over 4,000 vetted experts for short-term strategy, marketing and finance projects.

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