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QLD govt bringing in Slingshot for tourism, travel and entertainment accelerator


Corporate accelerator Slingshot is seeking interest from innovative corporates from across Australia to lead a new Tourism, Travel, Entertainment and Leisure (TTEL) accelerator program in Queensland, one of the world’s leading destinations and providers of quality travel experiences.

The Queensland State Government through the Advance Queensland Industry Accelerator program has commissioned Slingshot to run the accelerator to identify new technology and develop innovative products and services that add value and new disruptive business models to the TTEL sector.

Slingshot will operate two cohorts simultaneously, one based in Brisbane and a regional accelerator based in one of the world’s great tourism destinations – Cairns.

What does this mean for QLD?

Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said the program is designed to “supercharge key industry sectors in Queensland.”

“The accelerator program provides our startup entrepreneurs and business innovators with first-class mentoring assistance while connecting them with investors and potential business partners.”

Karen Lawson, CEO of Slingshot, says “No industry is immune to disruption. Hundreds of new startups were launched in the travel sector last year and we’ve only just begun to see the impact of the sharing economy, AR / VR technology, big data and frictionless payments on the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries.”

“The world’s attention will be on Queensland in 2018 with the Commonwealth Games and smart companies are preparing themselves to become more service-oriented and to leverage changes in behavior that are empowering consumers and impacting brand loyalty. This accelerator program will provide the best possible framework for corporates to find, test and develop innovative technology businesses and remain at the forefront of disruption,” she added.

The 12-week program will be led by renowned startup specialist, advisor and entrepreneur Colin Kinner who has over twenty years’ experience working with high-growth technology-based companies.

“Tourism, Travel, Entertainment and Leisure are key drivers for Australia’s economy. That’s why it is critical to identify, nurture and support the entrepreneurs, ideas and businesses that are going to drive economic growth in this sector. This accelerator has a proven methodology that provides the best opportunity for founders to develop an idea into a successful business and achieve customer validation and revenues in a relatively short period of time,” said Kinner.