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Five ways to get a pay rise


Is it time to channel your inner rap star?

Nope, not the crotch grabbing, Kim Kardashian dating part, although…
We’re talking about making those dolla dolla bills, y’all.

Here’s five winning ways to get ‘yo self paid.

1. Know what you want

Clarity is power, especially when convincing someone to invest more money in you. Self confidence and belief in your abilities and worth needs to shine through.

2. Look at the bigger picture

Align your reasons for seeking a promotion or pay increase with your company’s aims and values. For example: if your company plans to expand interstate, how can you help make this happen quickly and efficiently?

3. Add value

This doesn’t mean just adding to the bottom line of the business. This may mean upping your game with other employees, enhancing the work environment in general, or improving your own efficiency with tasks. People are rewarded in life by adding value to others, so how much value are you adding to your company/position?

4. Understand your true worth

Ask yourself: ‘Am I worth more than my current position?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’, why? Make sure you look at it from your employer’s point of view. For example, they may not agree that you’re worth a pay rise so you can buy a new car or do home improvements.

5. Sell yourself

Arrange a time with your employer to ‘pitch’ yourself. Choose your moments wisely – after a profit increase to the company, for example. Clearly highlight how long you’ve been with the business, what your current position involves and how you see yourself adding further value.

Ross Scutts is the Co-Founder and General Manager of The Young Entrepreneurs Club.