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A start-up combines craftsmanship & tech to make sure you never lose your bags again


London-based Aussie ethical fashion start-up Issara has released an innovative collection of trackable luxury leather bags on Kickstarter. Since launching in 2014, Issara has made a point of designing minimalist, luxury quality leather goods that are fairly priced and ethically made.

Evidently they’ve struck a chord, having just smashed the Kickstarter goal for our smart, trackable luxury collection (embedded with bluetooth and crowd GPS technology so you never lose your bags again). The start-up has also been endorsed by Guy Kawasaki and backed by Garry Tan (of the Y Combinator fame).

Not just a Kickstarter company, Issara launched two years ago, have been profitable since month one, are bootstrapped and have customers from 35 countries.

Never lose your bag again

Recognized for intelligent design, premium leather and exceptional craftsmanship, Issara is now partnering with Trackr, the US-based world leader in trackable technology, to deliver this much needed trackable collection.

Embedded with a tiny tracker powered by Bluetooth and Crowd GPS technology, quickly ring a missing item around the house and be notified via the free app before leaving things behind. If your bag or wallet is stolen, track it on a map, and ring to find it in real time. Reverse tracking lets you find your phone using your bag – even on silent mode.

Issara briefcaseWhat is the story behind Issara?

Founded in 2014 by Rosh Govindaraj, Issara was born out of the frustration of finding a well designed, solidly constructed leather bag that didn’t cost the earth. Marry the unparalleled skill of master artisans with the finest materials and the result is exquisite – highly functional pieces for travel and work that last.

Issara clutchThe antithesis of fast fashion, they eschew mass production in favour of a curated, personalised collection that is crafted on demand. Issara will appeal to those discerning enough to seek quality over inflated brand names. Despite being a relative newcomer, Issara has earned accolades as a rising lifestyle brand with clear values of simplicity, longevity and ethics.

Issara bagIn a world of fast fashion and planned obsolescence, this is a business underpinned by strong ethics. Their artisans receive fair, liveable wages and health insurance, tanneries are compliant with environmental and waste management standards, and hides are sourced from New Zealand, renowned for strong animal welfare laws. By circumventing large factories, middlemen and excessive marketing spend, they deliver premium, personalizable pieces at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

The campaign is currently live, and the savings to early backers are substantial – up to 60% off on beautifully constructed trackable leather briefcases, totes, wallets and duffle bags. Jump to the campaign now – these bags will go quick.

Issara bag