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Why entrepreneurs need to know this awesome … squirrel! [VIDEO]


See what I did there?

You didn’t?

I was thinking about productivity. This may be more of a reflection of my own situation but, I feel most Anthillians will relate.

I have a lot of stuff on. Stuff that I really want to get done. Goals I want to kick (not World Cup goals) and products I want to make.

But, I never seem to quite get there.

Why? Squirrels.

Why squirrels? We don’t even have squirrels in Australia.

But, you know what we do have, all day, every day?

Distractions. Shiny things.

I’m not just talking about Facebook.

I’m talking about new gadgets, new technologies, new theories, new stuff. Everywhere. All the damn time.

I know I’m not alone in this mire of distractions. It’s not about lacking motivation. It’s about the fear of missing out (FOMA), that something in this new stuff will be extremely important to what I’m trying to get done. But, it rarely is.

I’ve realised I’m like the puppy in the Pixar movie Up!

So, here’s a new financial year resolution. No. More. Squirrels.

Hmm. I should register that domain name, I’ll be right back… (Damn, it was taken!)