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Crowdfunding? Now it’s Pozible to manage your own campaign


You can have your cake and eat it, too. That is as far as crowdfunding is concerned, thanks to Pozible’s idea to let fund-raisers shape their own campaign on their own choice set of websites, instead of being tied to the crowdfunding platform’s single website.

Pozible’s innovation comes years after crowdfunding has emerged as a vital new platform in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and is designed to take it forward.

“As one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms, we understand the importance to keep abreast about what campaigners want and are always open to considering suggestions,” said Pozible Director and co-founder Rick Chen. Self-hosted crowdfunding is just the beginning for what is yet to come on the platform, he added.

What self-hosting a campaign really means

So, how does a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign work?

When users sign up to raise funds on Pozible, they are now presented with the option of self-hosting. In fact, says Pozible, the sign-up for self-hosted campaigns is even simpler.

Typically, project creators would set up a campaign on Pozible but then not run it there, but carry the code and host it elsewhere. This has a number of known advantages, and presumably lead to more efficient and better fundraising.

Two key advantages are: one, users have more control over branding and can choose more effective websites, including their own; and two, it makes it simpler for backers, who now don’t need to register with Pozible in order to make pledges. Supporters simply click to pledge, upon which they are taken to streamlined and secure payment portals from where they can make payments via PayPal, credit cards or both. Self-hosting supports at least 20 currencies.

Still, Pozible doesn’t allow entrepreneurs to run a campaign on Pozible’s website as well as on other sites of their choice. But that is easily sidestepped by running a standard campaign on Pozible and then using widgets to run it on other websites.

Better targeting of backers

Val Thorens Skiing Experience was one of the first to use Pozible’s self-hosting program. In fact, it may never have used Pozible’s platform or any other crowdfunding program but for the new feature.

“As an exclusive ski trip, with the exception of ‘plus ones’, I needed this campaign to be located on my own website, rather than on a very public domain,” said Bejarano Gerke, co-founder of Network EverAfter LLC, the company that runs the skiing program.

Val Thorens Skiing Experience offers a targeted network of entrepreneurs and leaders a chance to take part in a week-long getaway.

“Having control over the supporters as well as the look and feel of the campaign was the best way to carry it out and this has allowed me to take a more targeted and personal approach to fund the trip,” said Gerke.

Gerke is happy with the results, too. His campaign reached 45% of its target in quick time, which he credits to “the personal touch” offered by the self-hosting option.