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The Coaching Circle is here to help your business find the perfect coach


For first-time business owners, navigating the hurdles and complexities that come with every day running can be a daunting task.

Having strong support from an experienced mentor or coach can help a budding business advance along the road to success before it flounders under the weight of inexperience.

But how do you find the right coach? How do you find someone who can guide you through the process of setting up and running a business when you are new to the industry, or perhaps seeking a fresh outlook on a well-beaten path?

Enter The Coaching Circle

Founded by successful business coach and mentor, Clive Enever, The Coaching Circle is a networking website which is founded on the principal that the right connections can only be made after careful investigation and research.

The site allows business owners to make informed decisions about who they want to work with by providing them the much-needed insight into various business coaches via easy-to-navigate profiles.

The relationship between a business owner and their coach could serve both parties for years, and it is one which needs to be entered into thoughtfully so that both parties come out of it stronger.

A coach should be able to reflect the goals of a business, as well as the owner’s personal values, and help develop the skills and confidence needed to tackle any business issue.

The Coaching Circle gives users the opportunity to research potential collaborators before entering into potentially long-lasting business arrangements.

Who is the man behind The Coaching Circle?

Clive Enever has over 30 years of experience mentoring business owners, and his proven methodologies in sales, marketing and business strategy have given him an edge in today’s tough economic market. Now, he hopes to share that expertise.

When asked why he created The Coaching Circle here is what Clive said, “Over many years operating as a Business Coach I have seen people looking for a coach without really knowing what they are looking for and not having a clear idea of how to select the right coach.”

“For example, if you want assistance with your marketing, then how do you find a coach who is skilled in that area and who can fit within the available budget?

“The Coaching Circle gives someone looking for a coach one place to visit to check out the skill set of a number of coaches to better determine who is best placed to help them on their way within their given budget.

How exactly does The Coaching Circle work?

The Coaching Circle allows business owners to find and connect with coaches who can guide them towards the best results for their business.

Whether business owners need help developing economic strategies, social media advertising, or strategies for hiring new personnel, The Coaching Circle offers a space to make informed decisions and connect with coaches who specialise in areas of interest.

After a business owner has registered (for a free account), they can browse the directory to connect with a coach who suits their needs, or place a job ad on the message board for potential coaches to respond to. There is also a helpful ‘Do I need a Coach?’ quiz for business owners to take in order to help decide whether a business coach is the right step for them.

The Coaching Circle is designed to help business owners research and choose potential coaches. Coaches can also use the site to browse offers quickly and efficiently so that they can spend more time helping people.

The Coaching Circle gives coaches the space and freedom to choose which clients they want to work with and when, while offering business owners the chance to search for and engage with potential coaches before they start working together.