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Australia’s first dedicated Bitcoin fund has $30 million to invest in businesses that deal with Bitcoin


The Future Capital Bitcoin Fund (FCBF), an Australian-based investment firm, has launched a $USD30 million global investment fund investing in companies that are leveraging services based on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Keep in mind that the rise in popularity of Bitcoin over the past few years is due, in large part, to the growing ecosystem of businesses that are supporting it.

Led by seasoned digital entrepreneur, investor and fund manager Domenic Carosa, the Future Capital Bitcoin Fund, which became operational this May, is Australia’s first dedicated Bitcoin investment fund.

The fund will source opportunities globally for companies facilitating payments, exchanges, trading and smart property rights based around the Bitcoin digital currency ecosystem.

It is currently accepting investments from investors around the globe in AUD, USD, RMB and obviously, Bitcoin too.

Bringing previous investment experience to Bitcoin

The FCBF team has investment and operational experience with Internet, mobile and tech start-ups along with specialist transactional and payment authentication expertise.

With over 50 years of collective investment and funds management experience, the team have been involved with over 100 start-up companies, four previous funds, managing and raising more than $150m in investment, growing businesses from zero to $100m in revenue and listing them.

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and the Australian-based team has global experience across Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Germany. So together, the two should make a formidable combination, right?

Furthermore, the FCBF is conditionally registered as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) under the Australian Venture Capital Act 2002, so investors in the FCBF will be able to enjoy fully tax free returns, on income and capital account.

The fund is also open to receiving expressions of interest from companies interested in applying for investment from the fund.

Applicants to the fund will be managed by Investment Manager Holger Arians, experienced in corporate finance and strategy supported by Fund Manager Remco Marcelis, a seasoned tech company CFO/COO and venture capitalist.

Arians attended the Global Bitcoin Summit in Beijing from 10-12 May and Carosa attended the European Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam from 15-17 May to promote the fund.