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Anthill named Australia's "most engaging" media site, according to Audit Bureaux of Australia


cab-audit-tickAs part of our big transformation from print to online media we opened our ‘digital books’ (i.e. our web traffic numbers) to two of Australia’s leading digital auditing services – Nielsen Online Ratings and the Audit Bureaux of Australia (ABA).

(You can’t improve what you can’t measure, right?)

We still use Google Analytics but chose to employ these two third party services because of the accountability and industry benchmarks they offer.

Today, we were pleased to discover that Anthill has defied a downward trend and, indeed, scored top spot as the most ‘engaging’ site among the Audit Bureaux of Australia’s Top 20 B2B and Niche Industry Sites (or Niche Business sites for short) for November.

In November, over 760,000 Australian niche professionals visited B2B and Niche Industry websites, slowing slightly with 4.4% less Unique Browsers visiting these sites compared to the previous month. BNET Australia continued to lead this sector despite losing 18% of traffic from the previous month.

Mumbrella (#3), Australian Anthill (#13) and Investment & Technology (#17) have all gained ground against the trend, each moving up a spot in the rankings. The largest change was Human Resources Leader moving up five places into the #12 position.

Australian Anthill was the most engaging audited site in November with the highest average session duration of 3 min 45 secs.

What this means is that web visitors to the Anthill site spend a longer time reading and participating in our ‘stuff’ than visitors to other websites in the ABA’s Top 20.

Thanks Anthillians!

We look forward to finding new ways to ‘engage’ you in 2010. Happy holidays!

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