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Digivizer and Investible are partnering to help startups accelerate growth using data-driven marketing


A new partnership between early-stage investment group Investible, and digital analytics platform Digivizer, will help startups harness the power of data-driven marketing to accelerate growth.

18 months in the making, the partnership will provide startups and early-growth companies in Australia and around the globe, with the digital tools and skills necessary to make more effective marketing decisions, maximizing ROI across owned, earned and paid media.

As part of the partnership, startups participating in any of Invisible’s programs will be given access to Digivizer’s digital marketing analytics platform.

Founders and their teams will also be up-skilled in data-driven decision making through a joint education program that covers marketing measurement, media spend management, sales and lead conversion and effective engagement.

What does this partnership mean for startups?

“With Digivizer, they can set up a continuous marketing testing environment, and use the real-time insights this gives them to make better decisions about where to spend budget, and do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t,” explains Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer.

In addition to accelerating growth and maximizing marketing ROI, the partnership aims to help startups set up effective digital marketing programs and processes within their organization early in the company’s life-cycle.

Raising awareness within the startup community around the importance of early marketing investment and informed marketing decision making, is also a priority.

“To grow a business you need to know how to find and acquire customers and test market fit quickly. Digital and social marketing provides outstanding business development channels for businesses of any size,” says Lo Russo.

She continues, “This is especially important when resources and budgets remain tight – startups and early-growth companies need to make every dollar work for them. They also need to update investors on progress quickly and accurately.”

How is the collaboration hoping to get its message out?

To help amplify this message and educate founders around the globe about the importance of data-driven marketing, the collaboration between Digivizer and Investible will extend to events open to new startups and business innovators.

These events include; the Investible Circle; the Investible Games; the Investible Retail Innovation Program; and a range of education programs for early startups and businesses seeking to understand what drives business growth.

Emma Lo Russo, CEO Digivizer

“This is an exciting partnership for Investible because it will give the startups we engage with and fund, the practical support and expertise needed at a very early point in their history,” says Elisa-Marie Dumas, Head of Global Partnerships & Programs, Investible.

“They will have the support and different tiers of funding they need from Investible, along with the expertise we can offer in strategy and growth, supported by the Digivizer platform and Digivizer’s expertise in digital marketing.”

She adds, “Digivizer understands the startup and early-growth sectors very well, and the team has deep experience working with businesses of all sizes through their creative services go-to-market model.”

Lo Russo explains, “Digivizer understands the startup and early-growth sectors very well, and the team has deep experience working with businesses of all sizes through their creative services go-to-market model.”

What are the Investible Games about?

12 startups undertake 12 challenges over three days in a competitive event. The challenges take place in front of investors, business leaders and industry leaders, other startups, and corporate innovators.

Each startup is assessed on the quality, insights and strategic thinking of the founders, their understanding of the business problems they’re addressing, each startup’s business model, and the future potential to grow quickly.

To support the winners of the Customer Acquisition Challenge, Digivizer will provide a 12-month Digivizer Starter Plan and digital marketing strategy consultancy.

All businesses that apply to enter Investible Games will also receive a bonus month for any Digivizer plan they purchase.

Investible Games are scheduled to take place in Jakarta in Melbourne, Bangkok and Sydney between April and June.

What is the Investible Circle Partnership?

The Investible Circuit Partnership supports its portfolio companies by providing them with access to subject matter experts, 1:1 coaching and mentoring, and ongoing access to the Investible networks that enable them to scale and prepare for future rounds of capital raising.

Investible will provide every new and current Investible Circle member with a 12-month license to Digivizer’s Starter Plan.

Investible will cover the monthly Digivizer subscription cost for these Circle members for their first year.

Investible Circle members will also have access to online support and education services from Digivizer to improve team skills, and two in person working sessions.

What does the Investible Retail Innovation Program do for startups?

This program, in partnership with the City of Sydney, will help support SME retailers innovate.

A workshop session and special Digivizer Plan offer will be offered by Digivizer to retailers involved in this program.