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What to do with your smartphone other than play Angry Birds? Keep your assets at your fingertips!


With the launch of the My eVault app, a new mobile asset register, Australians now have an innovative way to manage their valuable personal assets and important documents.

What is My eVault?

My eVault is a secure, easy-to-use, mobile repository for anything in the home – from simple paperwork to high-value collectibles. It combines the convenience of portability – information is available anywhere, anytime – and peace-of-mind in the event of loss, theft or damage.

Ron Voon, Director of Rocket Innovation Group, the developer of the My eVault app said, “My eVault is all about being prepared. It offers users the peace-of-mind that comes from having everything of value conveniently recorded in the one place – at hand, mobile, updated and appropriately valued, ready for any of life’s events.”

Innovative passcode and time-out technology protects the security and integrity of the stored information, and the ability to back-up via iTunes or the Cloud means that records are always kept current and easily retrievable. So there is no need to worry…

How do you use My eVault?

My eVault users are able to enter data – through smartphone keyboard, camera or Siri – and may categorise each of their assets in the mobile register. This includes vital information that would assist with the item’s valuation, recovery or related insurance or tax claim.

The register has a number of other innovative features, allowing users to:

  • Automatically calculate their total asset value, to help determine the appropriate level of insurance cover
  • Set reminders for important milestones e.g. periodic revaluation of artwork and home and contents insurance policy renewal
  • Archive, revalue, sell, lend or donate items in their asset portfolio through fully integrated ‘tag’ functionality
  • Generate instant on-screen or printable reports of assets – particularly useful when making an insurance or warranty claim, or tax return
  • Store important documents such as a passport, driver’s licence and loyalty program cards

The app is designed to make entering data into it quick and easy, even for the non-tech-savvy user.  Typical entries include photos; serial numbers; scanned receipts, warranty certificates and insurance policies; and related tax claims. Siri-enabled iPhone users can also take advantage of the device’s voice-input technology to save further time.

What is the inspiration behind My eVault?

Mr Voon said, “I developed My eVault because I saw an opportunity to combine the advantages and ease of smartphone technology with the practical need for every Australian to have a secure and appropriately-managed personal asset register.”

“This has never been more important than today when catastrophic natural events, like floods, fires, tsunami and earthquakes, are occurring worldwide with the resulting loss of home contents, important documents and other personal items.”

Mr Voon, who is an insurance industry professional, also highlighted the value of My eVault for taking the stress and trouble out of insurance cover and claims.

“A major cause of underinsurance in Australia is the ‘set-and-forget’ factor. We initially take out home and contents insurance and generally fail to update it, or simply forget what’s insured and what’s not. Policy updates are often overlooked when we renovate or refurnish our homes, or acquire other new assets.”

“My eVault can help users quickly substantiate insurance claims by ensuring all the critical information is literally at their fingertips.”

My eVault is now available for download via the iTunes App Store. The “lite” version is free and enables users to enter a maximum of three assets, two travel wallet items and one insurance policy. The full version is priced at A$6.49 and allows full user functionality. Native Android and tablet versions are in the pipeline for development. See My eVault in action here.