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What Miley Can Teach You About Online Marketing? How about world domination? No twerking required.


Allow me to show you the pathway to World Domination.

While I have no desire to rule the world or even the world of Fashion, I do still dream that my brand will one day be recognised across much of the wondrous planet.

Sure it’s a BIG goal, but that’s the beauty of goals. They’re personal and are only limited by your own belief.

Even though I am driven to continue to achieve my goals, I cannot say that I have the naked ambition of Miley Cyrus but, I do believe she has identified and utilised the single most powerful pathway to worldwide awareness of her brand: the digital pathway.

Miley loves the masses. The masses love her too – mostly.

Miley has been quoted saying “It’s almost depressing when you’re not working. You’re so used to people calling your name, and that energy, and when you don’t have it anymore … That’s why I never complain about people wanting autographs or pictures. Because if there were a few days where no one asked, I’d probably be like ‘What the f–’s going on? Do people not like me?”

As the debate over Miley’s extreme strategies of self-promotion rage across social media platforms, she must be sitting around somewhere, wearing little more than a huge grin as she becomes the planet’s most talked about woman.

here is very little about Miley that I have an interest in but I too am wearing a huge grin as I know that I can travel the exact same digital pathway to world recognition.  A lesson from her: get people talking by doing something outside of your comfort zone.

Of course the use of the World Wide Web is not a shattering revolutionary break-though.  We all know it exists…. right?  Sorry …wrong!

Embrace the digital space

A number of businesses are still refusing to highlight the use of any digital platforms in their business planning or even their marketing strategies.

On the weekend, I went out to lunch. I chose cider as my refreshment. What is served is the most delicious one I have ever tasted. The combination of the apple and elderflower is simply heaven.

Given my reaction to the cider, I begin to reflect on adding it to our drinks selection at our cafes.  I hastily begin to read the label to gather some information, namely a web address, so I can learn more and make contact to begin stocking the brand.

To my amazement and frustration, there was absolutely no reference to a website to be found.

That’s a small example I know, but take a quick look on line for your local plumber, electrician or even medical centre and very few have a digital presence.

A digital presence is essential for all businesses – especially the small businesses that make up 80 per cent of our domestic trading platform.

Small businesses belong online (no twerking required!)

You simply have to have a digital signature that anchors your existence.  This reference point links you across a significant platform of communication and provides multiple access points for your customers to engage with your business.

I am not advocating extreme spending on fancy websites, nor am I asking you to ‘twerk’ while scantily clad in a public space to raise awareness for your brand.  Simply have your say about who you are and why potential clients should consider you as a positive choice for their purchases or projects.

Leave Hannah Montana behind and take ‘The Climb’

Take two simple steps onto the digital highway and I guarantee growth for your business…
1)     Become visible
2)     Become active

Yep, it’s that easy.

Our digital sales have grown exponentially as I dedicate time and resources to ensure our website is more visible and more interactive.  No gimmicks, no excessive spending, just new ideas and fresh approaches to marketing my brand. Scarily simple with frighteningly significant results!

So there you go, join Miley on ‘The Climb’ to World Domination or at least a small measure of public awareness – get on that digital highway!

Annah Stretton is the founder of the Annah Stretton fashion label and is a wildly successful New Zealand entrepreneur, author and speaker. With an online following of over 210,000, over 30 retail stores, 3 books and a strong business leadership programme under her belt, Annah was a worthy recipient of the coveted Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award.