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This is the ramp your start-up needs to launch into success. Rev up your engine!


Do you run a tech start-up that just needs that one extra push of cash to get it rolling into entrepreneurial success? Then rampersand could be what you are looking for…

What is rampersand you ask? Well, this is an Australian fund investing capital as well as sales, marketing and public relations expertise, specifically in growth-stage technology businesses.

rampersand currently has $6m under management and is building a portfolio of around a dozen investments. The firm intends to make investments of up to $500,000.

Of course, compared to their peers in Silicon Valley, this $6 million is small but it is definitely a good start and can still make a difference for many local entrepreneurs.

What sets rampersand apart from the rest?

While rampersand’s injection of funds into a business will make a difference financially, managing partner Paul Naphtali told Anthill that it is the support with sales and marketing, communication, exposure to rampersand’s global network that delivers the real value.

“Growth-stage technology businesses need more than just money — they need partners who understand the pace, challenges and opportunities of the start-up process,” he said.

Which start-ups is rampersand interested in?

rampersand is looking to invest in, support and work with the best Australian technology founders, teams and companies and are committed to helping start-ups become major national, regional and global leaders. The sky’s the limit baby; the sky’s the limit…

Naphtali also told Anthill that their ideal companies are those that have built a product or service, launched it, have a few early customers and are now looking to grow.

He also added that they have a focus specifically on mobile and internet businesses across B2B, B2C, SaaS and Paas; basically as long as it is not health sciences, clean tech or bio tech.

“We are looking for Australia’s best and most promising technology and communications companies. We don’t fit neatly into a category and chances are neither do they – we are all about defining new things,” Naphtali said.

Who exactly is behind rampersand?

The rampersand team combines sales/marketing experience and corporate finance/M&A, consisting Paul Naphtali, Jim Cassidy, Michael Naphtali and Martin Casey.

Managing partners Cassidy and Naphtali have worked in senior sales and marketing roles with successful start-ups and technology firms in Australia, Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. Say hello to the new Fantastic 4…

Paul has helped tech start-up firms all over the world with his PR and marketing expertise. During the past ten years he has held senior executive/ VP level positions with a number of disruptive Australian, US and Israeli start-ups, with 5 start-up exits close to $1billion.

Jim Cassidy is an experienced global CMO and sales leader who has worked with world renowned tech companies. We are talking the likes of IBM, BEA/Oracle, Micro-Focus and StepStone.

Michael Naphtali has extensive experience in investments, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance as part of the Pratt Group. He has also been involved in the strategy and capital-raising of many tech startups including Seek, Hitwise and Wishlist.

Martin Casey is a qualified commercial lawyer and investment banker. He also holds a wealth of experience in corporate advisory, capital-raising, compliance and mergers and acquisitions.

Lastly, and we know this has been on your mind throughout the entire article, why of all names did they choose rampersand? Naphtali says it has several meanings saying, “We help companies ‘ramp’ and we do more, ramp as in bridge such as between us and the rest of the world. And then ‘sand’ as in Australian and Californian beaches.” So geeky!